Review: Lil O – Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze (Blue Disc Edition)

Lil O – Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze (Blue Disc Edition) was the magnum opus of Lil O’s career back in 2000. The album spawned two hit singles such as Back Back and Choo Choo which were a moderate success on the Billboard Charts back in 2000 and 2001. The album is filled with hardcore jams written from an ex-drug dealer’s perspective and outlook on life such as My Loved Ones, Ooh Wee, I Wonder Why, and Slow Down. You also have your party jams such as Back Back, Choo Choo, Bend Ya Knees, Touch Ya Toes (Do Ya Thang), We Ain’t Broke No Mo, I Don’t Talk, and Playas Get Chose. Everything to rough edged gangsta rap to fun party jams can be heard on this album. Lil O – Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze (Blue Disc Edition) is a hood classic. This is his greatest masterpiece next to Food On Tha Table and Blood Money.

This is real Southern rap. This album came out when the South was coming hard! Unlike today as rap sucks nowadays. I wish music was like this again.

Now the Blue Disc Edition of Lil O – Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze, which is the independent version, is more difficult to find as not that many copies were issued out or pressed up. Only around 30,000 copies of this version of Lil O – Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze exist. The Blue Disc Edition of Lil O – Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze has tracks such as What Fo and I Don’t Talk which can only be found on this edition of Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze. What Fo and I Don’t Talk cannot be found on any other of Lil O’s album.

Lil O represents his lyrical ability, talent, skills, and flow on the title track and opener Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze. Lil O tells us how he runs and regulates things. The track uses some awesome lyricism. One word to describe this track is awesome. Lil O definite made his mark in the music industry with this track. This track, along with several tracks of his, made him the greatest players of all time. He is the cat that separates the ballers from pretenders. You niggas alright but Lil O is awesome.

The track uses some awesome lyricism. Look at how each ending word on each lyric line rhymes with each other.

H-Town niggas stay paper-chase-on
All that “What’s up, kinfolk?”, we ain’t no rela-tion
I got my dough, you wanna play you get a gamesta-tion
Cuz I don’t want the block, I want the whole na-tion

[Verse 3]
I’m still a vida loca (Yeah) slangin’ coke-a (Yeah)
Block leadin’, tryna get money like Op-rah (Whoa)
In the kitchen cookin’ these chickens like ok-ra
I can get it raw, white, yellow, tan, or moca (for real)
Ain’t no game is ov-ah, it’s just a lot of new heads (uh-huh)

And these lyrics.

I’m greedy, envy, trife, and lust crea-tion, I’m the (Fat Rat!!)
Tha fat rat with the cheddar
When I blast my Barretta, slugs smash thru your sweater
And if you come, I’m show you if I mash it’s whatever
I spin a nigga hot and turn his ass into leather

When I throw you off the roof and have you wrenchin in pain
There’s nuthin’ in the world like the stench of remains
Cuz when I throw ’em I don’t play no Elementary games
Not when he drunk, ice grill, catching a flame
He could bust, anything, tryna get at my change
I got the streets on lock like penitentiaries, mann,

Lil O takes people to war who get in his way and lets them know he does not play on I Don’t Talk. Lil O basically talks about killing people with no discussion throughout the track.

Lil O ain’t gonna play and talk to you. He’ll get the AK and the chop for you. How do you walk around bumping when you are glockless, fool? How do you walk around not being strapped with a gun? Open and defenseless. Lil O will box you up and put you in a casket. Niggas get blasted instead of getting their asses kicked in the 713 (Houston, Texas). This shit is drastic. Niggas disappearing around this bitch like magic. To this day Lil O has got niggas running around paranoid saying, “Fat Rat with the cheese, man he after me. Fat Rat with the cheese is gonna blast on me. I didn’t go nowhere because I owe Fat Rat some cheese. And if he catches me, Fat Rat gon make me a casualty.” Fat Rat is gonna make someone a casualty. Niggas get mashed on niggas. Whole crews got destroyed.

Lil O don’t talk or do no discussing. He picks up that AK up and start to head busting. Leaving a nigga face down, red like a Russian. Then dip off into the night like it ain’t nothing.

Lil O has got an AK-47 with bullets like cone heads. And when he lets his AK-47 loose, those bullets eat niggas like cornbread. You niggas wanna fuck with Lil O? Well go ahead. He turns white t-shirts and jeans to tone red with his 50 shot AK-47. 50 pounds of steel will hit your chest for real. When the slugs hit your chest, spins you around like wheels and fill your body with about 50 pounds of steel. Here go some words of advice.: Sit down and chill. Because playing around here is gonna get you done. Fat Rat with the cheese rips up blocks. Y’all niggas talk and play. I think y’all better leave Lil O alone.

The track What Fo has a sneaky playful vibe with a subtle mood. The track is about a broad who only wants to date men for their money.

There she is. She’s the baddest broad in the club. She hot stuff. She bopped up. Her big ole butt look popped up. She looks throwed in the Docha Cabana. Men are constantly in her face like a fool and treating her like a queen. This bad broad done fucked every nigga in the city with green. Lil O ain’t hating on you, playa. Go ahead do your thing.

But the next thing Lil O heard was you bought her a ring. Beat your partna down because he tried to jump in her jeans. Lil O is laughing at you, playa. Because she just only wants your green. She is a broad who only wants men for their green. Lil O had sexual intercourse with her the other night. Lil O don’t sweat no hoes. He got bucks. It seems like these other lil tricks ain’t got nuts

She knows all the rappers, NBA players, NFL stars, neighborhood drug dealers, shot callers, and ballas. Basically anybody with ends. She spends all the dough men be supplying her with. You be holding hands at the mall and buying her gifts.

Lil O held it down for H-Town (Houston, Texas) with Z-Ro and BFK on Hold It Down. This is for you haters who said Lil O would not make it. They said we wouldn’t make it. Swore it wasn’t going down. This track is dedicated to the streets of H-Town, Texas. Hold It Down captures the essence and magic of Texas rap. This track came out when the South was coming hard! Unlike today as rap sucks nowadays. I wish music was like this again.

Southside for live. We balling in the mix. It’s going down in H-Town for real. Pull it out. Let em know. We bout to steal the show. Pull up on 4’s. Kick down the door.

Lil O is young, dumb, and full of cum. Icy and numb. The clothing he wears is so throwed based on his dress code. Whenever people ask Lil O is from, he tells them, Third Coast Texas race, Houston. You can catch Lil O on the Southwest side of Houston moving flocks of geese. Talking down on his city, you’ll get rocked to sleep. He keeps an AK ready to chop the streets. Lil O doesn’t need any friends but he needs those ends. He’s trying to get the 600 Benz. You try to stop that and it’ll be your end. Lil O fears no coward as he get money and the power. He hit the clubs on Dubs standing out like a tower. Hop out in Gucci shoes leaving niggas sour.

BFK is a habitual hard knocker and a menace as well. Blood thirsty like a rotweilers, He is in the kitchen with scales. Dodging prison and jail. Chickens and mail. His smell is stronger than aroma. His attitude’s cocky. Street smart and lion hearted. Turning cowards over like fumbles. He shakes Feds and break bread.

This goes out to the whole Dirty Third. Everybody that held a playa down when it wasn’t going down. You know I’m saying? Much love from the Fat Rat With The Cheeze, Lil O. BFK, Z-Ro, 8900 Braeswood.

Beg, Steal & Borrow is a cautionary street tale. Lil O tells us that street life is not all cracked up as it made out to be or glamorized on television shows on Beg, Steal & Borrow. Lil O tells kids to stay away from these streets as these streets are nothing to play around with. There’s real bullshit mentality, real life drama, and danger out there. Everybody trying is to get money and survive. They don’t care how they get money as long as they get it. It’s some beg, steal or borrow mentality. It’s every person themself. The track also explains street life mentality.

People who roam and lurk in these streets ain’t the same no more. They rob, steal and cheat. It ain’t a game anymore. Your own friend who you would smoke marijuana with will get you for your stash and leave your brains on the floor as you lay deceased. That’s why Lil O does not really want to sell cocaine anymore.

Snitching really ain’t a thang no more because there are a lot of snitches out these days. The minute they get caught they sing like a hoe. Bring the feds to your house have them bang on your door. That’s why Lil O rolls solo and does not hang around people anymore. You can see Lil O one deep in a 10 Range Rover. Everything has changed through the years.

Some people have to beg, steal and borrow to make it to tomorrow because no one is going to feed them. So people do whatever is necessary.

It’s every person for themselves out on these streets. Everyone is looking for money. Everyone is geeking for the loot. Hunger turns monkeys to gorillas. Fear turn a coward to a killer. Paper turns ladies into whores. That’s why they rob jinks in the stores and make them lay down on the floor. That’s why them boys kicked down your door. Looking for the safe. They shot you like it ain’t against the law. Of course they don’t even be ashamed. These niggas in the streets will slit your throat.

What happened to the rules of the Lord? Thou shall not kill, thou shall not rob. Thou shall not steal, but now they be like thou shall not chill. When thou gets his hands on about a couple mill.

Man, it’s real in these streets. You got to be a soldier to deal with these streets. Act like a chump you be a meal in these streets.

We need to pray to Christ. The devil got our soul and we all pay the price. It’s the end of the world. How many people do you know got slayed over dice. Everybody trying to get them some wealth but the route that they are going is going get them into hell. Niggas always got the plan but the plan always fails. They always end up dead or in jail. Imagine years for the rest of your life you got to live in a cell. That’ll make you stop living for real.

Lil O tells us at the very beginning that you don’t go the streets to find love because all you gonna find in the streets is hate, danger, drama, and trouble. Your family loves you. Your parents love you. That’s the people that love you.

Lil O proves to us that money is good but revenge is sweeter on Revenge. Money is good. Bitches are great. But there ain’t nothing sweeter than revenge. Revenge is just a part of the streets. What goes around comes around. Feel me? The track features Poppy of the Grit Boys and Godfather.

Poppy was treated like a rubber condom. He was used and threw away. It’s hard knowing his dogs wanna do him away. They were close and that’s what really hurts the most. What was between them is jeopardized now. We heathen up a slow in his grill.

Godfather got a call on his Motorola phone. His nigga was screaming through the phone He said he sold cocaine. He said the product wouldn’t sell like there was no promoters. Every gram of cocaine had straight up vanished. Hector knew that about his money. He made it harder for his daughter to eat. It wasn’t really nice. It’s getting hectic. Luckily for him, Godfather was well connected and had a motorized stash spot. He got the power like snap. Godfather was a ghetto chemist who turned powder to crack. Godfather needed to commit revenge because this was past over due. Revenge is sweet. Revenge is just a part of the streets. What goes around comes around.

Lil O has been been waiting for the day he can get his revenge. He is a made man now that this money is right. To let shit ride wasn’t never in the plan. He’ll pay back whoever did him wrong 10x times.

When Lil O found out the person who did him wrong was a snitch, he should have cracked their jaw. He should have put a bat to their cranium and cracked their skull. He trusted them. Lil O and that person grew up together. Lil O never thought he would be ratted out to law enforcement. Lil O believed that person would never rat to law enforcement about their illegal activity.

Lil O dropped off a package of cocaine and left. But before he got far, police yelled out for him to stop his car. Yet Lil O manages to escape and enact his revenge. In the end Lil O celebrated and had a night on the town. He went wild.

Bend Ya Knees, Touch Ya Toes is all about dancing and having fun. Bend Ya Knees, Touch Ya Toes is one of the party jams for the club that Bend Ya Knees, Touch Ya Toes should have chosen to be single along with The Throwdest. The track has 70s sound mixed with 2000s production.

Get ready to dance. Every girl grab a man. Bend ya knees, touch ya toes and who ever don’t like it tell them, “Fuck you hoes.” Now shake ya hips give it all ya can. Tell them hater broads, “Bitch, I’ll take ya man!”

Lil O sees this girl at the club looking too clean standing bowlegged in her iceberg jeans. She wrecked the scene with the way she shakes her ass. She shakes her ass with attitude. That why them hating ass hoes be mad at her. They mad cause they ain’t as bad as her. She ain’t worried about her man as she’s just on the dance floor. She is putting on a show with the way she dances. All the guys be like “hold up whoa!” And all the girls be,”let’s jump that hoe!” She has cute face with a proper looking ass. Those broads can’t knock her.

Stop, drop, and move ya hips. Any of the broads out there can twist. Fuck a lolly-pop, girl, because you’d be licked. But playas get chose. Now who ya with? She flaunts her chest. She’s bending over shaking her ass. Plus you know that Lil O is gone off that cognac. He’s fucked up. Lil O told the girl he came with, “Tough luck.” Lil O needs a hot girl in his life. He wants her. Lil O met her at the bar with her mouth wide open. Eyes blood-shot, red nose, in there smoking. She said, “Why she lookin at me all heart broken?” Lil O tells her to forger her.

Now I know how y’all say Lil O is wrong. Lil O couldn’t help to think about baby in a thong. Shorty got it goin on. Lil O ain’t gonna lie. That shows right there how throwed she is. A thermostat couldn’t tell you how cold she is. Then she did the splits like an gymnast. Lil O started laughing at his date.

Now baby dip, baby dip like you want me to trick baby, trick. Bend ya knees, touch ya toes and who ever don’t like it tell them, “Fuck you hoes.” Now shake ya hips give it all ya can. Tell them hater broads, “Bitch, I’ll take ya man!”

We Ain’t Broke No Mo is a track where Lil O brags about not being broke anymore. Big T laces the chorus with his loud boasting soulful alto vocals. Slim Thug makes an appearance and raps a verse.

Lil O remembers a time when ladies would not speak to him or acknowledge his presence because he had no money. Men did not want to hang around him because he fell off and was broke.

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Fat Rat with the cheese blew up. These boys doubted it. These ladies want to speak to him. Now all of a sudden these ladies want to have sexual intercourse with him and to be around him. So they clown him with words when he used to slang on curve on the curb when he was a drug dealer who was selling drugs. Lil O does not hang with these boys as they want to see him fall and become a failure in life. They want to catch him slipping and offbeat.

You see when Lil O had it hard all he had was the Lord. Lil O peeped game from the street from other peers. However he learned these cats were frauds. But now his money is right. Lexus hoes be like those Texas kids. Do you see all that ice in their necklaces?

Slim Thug used to wear the polo but now he’s iceberg splurging.He used to ride in hoodoos but is now flipping in and Excursion. Slim Thug is getting what he is deserving in 2000. Nobody is on the grind like Slim Thug is. Trying to shine like him is hard work

He used to get treated like dirt before I wrecked concerts He had to get what he was worth. Didn’t have time to talk about it. Because when it comes to the green Slim Thug don’t play. How many 19 years old got this much ice? How many 19 years old ride around this nice? Not too many. He used to get treated like a worthless penny. Now he has plenty of cars. He ain’t broke no more.

Ooh Wee showcases Lil O’s experiences as a drug dealer. He lost so many friends to the streets and this life of crime. So many fall victim to these evil streets. The track deals with the pain of loosing a friend or a partner. For example learning that your partner blew out his brains. This track serves as a cautionary tale for African American men to stay away from these streets and stay away from a life of crime.

Lil O does not want to be another black man in the penitentiary. So many fall victim to these evil streets. And it just makes him say ooh wee.

Even though life is hard Lil O walks through the thunderstorm knowing there’s a god. And when trouble comes God will be his shield and my sword strike down his foes and enemies who pose a threat to him. Lil O feels sorry for people that don’t have God and don’t know. He’s seen many niggas fell chasing money and clothes. Look in the game because the block feeds us. Chasing blood money. That’s why we block bleeders. We grew up hating the police because the cops beat us. And now we grown full of hate and we got heaters. What a wicked combination. Ain’t it cold? cause We’re supposed to stick to the trend even though the trend is dying or ending up in the penitentiary.

The beginning of Verse 2 deals with the pain of loosing a friend or a partner. Lil O asks us (you as the listener), “You tell me how you take the pain out when you hear your partner just blew his brains out?” This is one of the most realistic and saddest lyrics to the track which hit you hard emotionally because this happens every day in real life. This part of the track is where reality kicks in.

[Verse 2]
You tell me how you take the pain out
When you hear your partner just blew his brains out

Tell me how you take the pain out when you hear your partner just blew his brains out? How you take the pain out when you heard your partner just blew his brains out? The pressure of these streets can make a person go crazy. The pressure of these streets can make you crazy. It’s funny how everybody says they love you but everybody is shady. It seems that way sometimes in life.

Children don’t think about the pain living a life of crime can bring. They are not thinking about long-term planning or long-term consequences. Children drop out of school and are uneducated with no degree which hurts them in the future. Read these lyrics.

And all the youngsters got babies with mouths to feed
But all the youngsters dropped out they ain’t got no degree
Cause these youngsters chasing cars and material things
But all the youngsters ain’t thinking about the it could bring

Lil O lost soul on the block while going so hard on his grin. He forgot to eat. He can’t forget the day his partner got knocked off his feet by a dope fiend with a gauge trying to rob him for money. Lil O saw the fear in his eyes. He knew he’d been shot and his leg was paralyzed. Surgeons had to amputate his legs. That’s when Lil O realized how raw living life of crime in these streets could be.

Lil O explains how the pressure of these streets can make a person go crazy in this verse. Read the lyrics.

[Verse 2]
You tell me how you take the pain out
When you hear your partner just blew his brains out
You see the pressure of these streets it make you crazy
And everybody say they love you huh, but everybody shady
And all the youngsters got babies with mouths to feed
But all the youngsters dropped out they ain’t got no degree
Cause these youngsters chasing cars and material things
But all the youngsters ain’t thinking about the pain it could bring
I lost soul on the block, I will walk the streets
Going so hard on my grind, I forgot to eat
I can’t forget the day my partner got knocked off his feet
By a dope fiend with a gauge trying to rob him for cheese
I saw the fear in his eyes, he knew he’d been shot and his leg was paralyzed
They had to amputate his legs that’s when I realized how raw could be
and living life in these streets cause it wasn’t for me, cause

Lil O asks the dear Father up in heaven to have mercy on us in Verse 3. He asks the Father to protect us from these evil streets that are murdering people. To protect us from these crooked cops that put burdens on us. To protect us from these heartless District Attorneys (DA’s) that inflict harm on us. To protect us from ourselves as some of us don’t know any better thinking that a life of crime the only way to get money. To protect us from our jealousy and our lust for power knowing the devil walks the street seeking room to devour.

[Verse 3]
Dear Father up in heaven have mercy on us
Protect us from these evil streets that be murdering us
Protect us from these crooked cops that put burden on us
Protect us from these heartless DA’s that put hurting on us
Protect us from ourselves, some of us don’t know no better
Thinking that a life of crime the only way to get cheddar
Protect us from our jealousy and our lust for power
Knowing the devil walk the street seeking room to devour
I ain’t really got no friends
cause all my real dogs are in the grave or in the pen
They left when they was boys, I won’t see them till they men
And then my little partner man he just signed for ten
Where does the drama end
I put money on they books to try to ease they pain
Praying to the lord hoping they find peace again
And I give thanks for my life knowing so meet they end
I’ma survive, stay alive and keep my ass out the pen cause

Lil O doesn’t really have any friends because all of his real friends are deceased or are incarcerated. They left when they were boys, He won’t see them until they are men. His little partner is serving a 10 year sentence. Where does the drama end? Lil O sends his friends who are incarcerated money for commissary. Praying to the Lord hoping they find peace again.

The track Slow Down shows how Lil O has truly matured. The track explains how Lil O wants to settle down with his wife and about how his wife keeps him out of trouble. Lil O cheats on the girl he loves by sleeping with other women. At the end of the track he realizes he played himself as the girl he loves has always been loyal and faithful to him. He realizes that he played himself by cheating on her with other women.

Lil O wants to slow down because his girl who he wants to be his wife is the one for him. He’s tired of being a player and a baller. (A playa and a balla.) He wants himself one bad bitch so he can spoil her. He will spoil her and give all the world by giving her everything under the sun be can’t forget about the things she has ya done for him.

It’s 4 AM in the morning and he’s chilling with his late night hype. He just had sexual intercourse with her. But she is not his type. She’s just another big booty, nice tits, and a face that’s right that stays fly in some name brand tights.This gold digger doesn’t Lil O. She wouldn’t be there if he was broke. If he fell she would disappear like smoke. He always asks himself why he even plays himself by messing around with these jokes and women who don’t really love him. Lil O is a fool because he’s got a throwed lil mamma at home.

If you seen his girl, playa, you would know that he’s blessed. This girl has a pretty face and beautiful breasts. A flat stomach, big booty, bow-legged thighs, and running track legs. She has beautiful brown skin and straight pearl white teeth. She stays fly from her toes to her hair. Plus Lil O knows that she loves him as she has been with him through thick and thin. She was with him when he broke before he had any money. She was there through all his court cases when he was constantly going in and out of jail. Basically she was his best friend. But yet he always breaks her heart in the end. Lil O realizes he need to chill.

She has been loyal and faithful to him as she has never lied to him. He can’t recall her ever telling him a lie. Through all our years together she never cheated on Lil O.When Lil O didn’t have a penny, she got him everything that he needed. She got her own money and has all of her college courses completed. Lil O reads the Bible because she keep him up in church. She’s the type of girl that keep you out of trouble and out of dirt. Lil O asks his girl, “Why you with me? I’m a thug and a flirt. I’m always in these streets running round chasing skirts.” But Lil O is growing up now knowing that he played himself because when he hates himself when he cheats on her. He decides to be a man and keep things real.

She is going to get a lot of luxurious materialistic items such as jewelry and cars. Even though Lil O was a three time felon she still stuck with him. That’s why it’s time Lil O paid her back for what she has done for him. He thinks that it’s time he made her his wife and gave her children. Put her in a house on hill with marble floors.

He will treat her like a queen. They will wine and dine on marble floors. Keep her in the mall so she can shine on these hoes. He plans to take her around the world to visit places such China and Rome one day. He will be a better man so they can have a happy home.

She has beautiful brown skin on a soft smooth body which smells so sweet and straight pearl white teeth. She puts Lil O in hear every time she walks by in her g-string. Her and some children make his vision complete and that’s for real. Anything that she wants or needs, Lil O will do it.

You player haters and fakers better take a lot steps back. So Stay back and 50 feet or you get hit with the heat. Lil O warns haters and fakers to stay away from him on Back Back or else he’ll shoot them.

We’re in trouble this time. Can you feel it? Things are fixing to be wild. Get back 50 feel or Lil O will grab the gat and hit a person with the heat. Get back 50 feet or Lil O will grab the gat and hit a nigga with the heat. You will catch a slap if you keep on grilling him.

Here’s a little story about a nigga like Lil O. He fucks bad broads, lives large, and drive V’s. Some say he’s cocky and rude. He might be. But fuck you. You ain’t got to like Lil O.

He’s at the bar taking sips of Long Island ice tea with wrists looking’ blue or icy. Bitch niggas and haters are mean mugging’ and staring at him all shiesty. Don’t make him pepper spray and have your face looking all spicy. Because I know you niggas hating and want to fight him. Thinking that he’s all Hollywood like Spike Lee. When he catches you in your jaw he’ll definitely fuck up your white teeth. And ya’ll walkin’ outta this tussle ain’t likely. I hope you boys ready to rumble as he’s quite deep. He ain’t friendly but he will tell you politely to back off.

My Loved Ones is Lil O’s heartfelt apology to anyone who he ever hurt and harmed. This track is dedicated to them. This one’s for everyone that ever gave a damn about him. He apologizes. Lil O hopes people can forgive him for the pain he put them though. His loved ones.

His father told him he would go to jail knowing everyday’s like this. He was not raised to be a thug. He always told him go to school and behave his best. Instead Lil O broke his heart, sold dope, and gave him stress. His father was there for him every time Lil O got caught up in legal trouble. He shed tears for Lil O every time went to jail.

Lil O remembers running from the police to evade arrest. He swallowed a bag of crack cocaine to avoid being arrested. His heart stop beating and his lungs collapsed which resulted him being sent to the hospital. The doctor told his father come see his son doubting that Lil O would come back to life. He couldn’t stand to see his son like that. On life support and a coma with handcuffs on his feet. So instead he sent Lil O’s uncle to be checking on him. Lil O was being selfish and cruel not knowing when he hurt himself, he also hurt his father.

Lil O knows that if his mother was still alive that she would slap his face and tell him that she is ashamed of him. Lil O is to blame for his actions and behavior. So he takes the blame. The brunt of the blast. She always busted her ass to make sure that her children had everything. But Lil O always had to keep up with the latest new fad. He had more than most kids had. But he still wasn’t glad. It was the G’s, the rush, his greed, and his lust. A 15 year old boy wanting money like a grown up. Before he knew it, he had the block sown up. He’s blowing up. Having street fame thinking this what life is about. Bringing drama home, so his father kicked him out of the house.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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