Review: Danny Boy – That Was Then, This Is Now

Danny Boy – That Was Then, This Is Now was a Danny Boy album that was supposed to be released by WIDEAwake and Death Row Records sometime in February 2010. However this album was never released for whatever reason. That Was Then, This Is Now was supposed to mark his comeback into music. However this album was substituted for It’s About Time.

That Was Then, This Is Now is one of those perfect albums for when you and/or your lover is a romantic mood. Danny Boy is known for his soulful romantic mood ballads as that is what he was primarily known for back in the 90s.The mood for this album is relaxing.

The album features pre-recorded songs from the 1990s with contributed production from DJ Quik, DeVante Swing, and Dimitrius Shipp. Jodeci member DeVante Swing produced songs such as If U Don’t Mind, It’s All About You, and Just Ride. DJ Quik definitely had a hand in all of the production to his album. The album was recorded during the analog days from tape into the console and other keyboard gear. That’s why that album sounds how it does.

WIDEAwake and Death Row should have released this album. We need his voice in R&B/Soul today because most R&B/Soul sucks today.

Welcome To Death Row! uses smokey soulful singing from Danny Boy as he graces the song with himself singing the chorus and singing a couple verses. The song uses a fusion of soul rap which you can vibe to. Welcome To Death Row! was the anthem for Death Row Records in 1995. This one’s for the OG’s, hardheads, gangsters, squares, churchgoers, and knuckleheads. You know what time it is.

Welcome To Death Row! was a/is a Danny Boy song featuring 2Pac, Jewell, Michel’le, and Stacie Smallie. Welcome To Death Row! was recorded on October 30, 1995 at Can-Am Studios (Studio B) in Tarzana, California. The producers for Welcome To Death Row! were Hurt-M-Badd, Kurt Kobane, and DJ Quik.

The beginning of the song uses a sample from the intro of Dr. Dre – The Chronic. Dr. Dre’s dedication might ring a bell to you. “This is dedicated to the niggas that was down from day one./Welcome to Death Row.”

People in the ghetto, don’t you know it’s Death Row? Danny Boy explains to us that a new breed has arrived. So please get your groove on. You ought to be sanctified. If you know what I know about the people stranded on Death Row. You might wanna ride. Rock on, brothers and sisters.

2 Pac tells us don’t never underestimate the power of brothers. Convicted felons and gangbangers from outta the gutter. 2 Pac and Danny Boy are stranded on Death Row for real. Tricks come and get their pictures taken. There ain’t nothing left to say but pray. Try to keep ya head up and look for better days on Death Row. Just throw ya hands up and feel good with this one right here. Your boy 2 Pac is spittin’ out for his homeboy Danny Boy. Letting y’all know what time is it here on Death Row. Y’all need to peep how they are rollin’.

Beautiful Lady was produced by Devante Swing of Jodeci. The song was beautifully arranged and sung. Danny Boy did a wonderful job singing with K-Ci. This song was a hit which won him over many fans on an international scale across the globe.

The song takes place in March of 1995. Danny Boy was high. A beautiful lady spoke to Danny Boy. She then turned and walked away. He hasn’t seen her since that day. Danny wonders where she went as he hope it’s near and not that far. Hey beautiful lady.

Danny Boy wants that beautiful lady to be his baby. He thinks about her everyday. He just wanna see her lovely face. Her body and her face are so damn tight. Without hesitation Danny asks her to spend the night with him. He asks this beautiful lady, “Won’t you come over and stay with me tonight?”

He dreams about her everyday. Sex is not the only way for him to get to her. He wants get into her mind. She is so damn fine.

It’s Over Now was a smooth R&B solo hit for Danny Boy back in the 90s. It instantly won him over many fans on an international scale across the globe. It was included on this album, the Gridlock’d soundtrack, and It’s Over Now. Babyface had also co-wrote this song.

The song is about a smooth man comforting a female. This is song is so comforting towards females whom had been done wrong in some many ways and a guy is there for them. He motivates them to move on from whatever the situation is at hand. Three words to describe this song are comforting, smoothing, and motivating.

Danny can see the pain on her face as indicated in the lyrics. Read the lyrics to Verse 1.

[Verse 1]
I can tell that you’re worried
It’s written on your face
And it tells your story
Girl, I can feel your pain
It’s unspeakable what he did to you
He don’t deserve one bit of you
Girl, we’re walking out, it’s time we’re through
He might as well get over you

Lyrics to the bridge explain how some women don’t recognize that they can’t survive without their man when in reality these women can survive without their man. All they have to do is have some will power to get the respect back in their lives.

Some women don’t recognize
They don’t exist (Oh, they don’t)
They feel like that they can’t survive without their man
It’s time we all realize it’s not worth it if you treat it so bad
Lift up your head, show somebody
Get back the respect in your life (Re)

Now I know ya’ll know about Danny Boy. That’s that singin’ ass nigga from Death Row. Danny Boy did a spectacular job covering Bobby Womack – That’s The Way I Feel Bout Cha with his song That’s The Way I Feel Bout Chu. Danny Boy sang his ass off on the cover and rendition of Bobby Womack – That’s The Way I Feel Bout Cha.

You know life is funny when you look at it. Everybody wants love. But everybody’s afraid of love. If you get anything out of life, you’ve got to put it with the toils and strife.

Danny Boy tells the lady digging on him, “You’re pushing my love little bit too far I don’t think you know how blessed you are. And your friend, Annie Mae tell you all she see. Have you ever thought she was trying to get close to me? Think it over, girl. That’s the way I feel about ‘chu.”

However he doesn’t mind this. Danny Boy knows she’s been hurt and so has many others too. But that’s a sacrifice that life puts you through. He tells her to put her trust into him and to not have any fears. He tells her to think it over.

That’s the way I feel about ya (that’s the way I feel about ‘cha)
Please, please
Please answer love
If it ever comes knocking at your door (well, I don’t care)
‘Cause what’s out there knocking, baby? (darlin’)
The world don’t give enough of, don’t give enough of
I know you’ve been hurt and so has others too. But all you got to do is ask about the changes. That life has put them through.
Lord, have mercy
This is just the way it is.

Danny Boy tells the lady digging not to take his love as a sign of weakness. Danny Boy tells the lady, “Listen. Don’t take my love as a sign of weakness. Check into the situation, girl. Dig a little bit deeper. ‘Cause that’s the way I feel about ‘cha.”

Come When I Call is an original Danny Boy song with a Michael Henderson sample used. Come When I Call samples Michael Henderson – Let Me Love You. Come When I Call was used on the soundtrack for the 1994 movie Murder Was The Case. The song was also used as a promo single too.

Come When I Call is a perverted love song about a girl who has sex with all the guys. She is on a date and this guy is trying to get with her. Pleasing her sexual desires (making her cum) is his only mission. The lyrics tell it all.

[Verse 1]
Chi-town winds blow so cold
I can’t imagine not having somebody to hold
But in the nick of time girl, you knocking at my door
So come on in take off your blouse
No need to panic ’cause this is my house
Climb in my bed, leave your clothes on the floor
Now I may be very young
But I’ll get you sprung, if you let me play with your pearl tongue
(‘Cause that the way I feel about ya’)
‘Cause that’s the way I feel about you
I can’t deny, I might decide to lick between your thighs
Girl you good like the Chronic
I swear you get me so high

I can’t control this pleasure now
I got to have you in every position
So turn down the lights, baby come close
To make you cum is my only mission

Take My Breath Away is Danny Boy’s magnificent cover of Norman Connors – You Take My Breath Away. The song uses a smooth jazzy upbeat sound which is nice because the song fits Danny Boy’s persona and image. DJ Quik and G1 produced Take My Breath Away. DJ Quik’s leaves much to be desired and cherished.

If Danny Boy had castles built on high, he’d find a million ways to write her name against the sky just to let her know she caught his eye. And if he had more than wealth could buy, he’d sell it all and start again for just a chance with her. He would give his all to win her love. And he would be rich. And he would build all his world around the lady he loves just to show her how she takes his breath away.

Nobody else this side of heaven knows how she take Danny Boy’s breath away. She turned an ordinary man like Danny Boy into a king. He’ll do anything to win her love. I think there’s something here worth saying. His breath has now been taken. Danny Boy’s got to overcome this achin’ to win her love.

Love & Happiness was a cover of Al – Love & Happiness. As usual, he sang his ass off on this cover song of his. Some of you may remember that this song was used in the movie A Thin Line Between Love And Hate. Specifically in the scene when Martin was in the mirror.

Love and happiness is something that can make you do wrong and make you do right. That’s what people say. Happiness is when you really feel good about somebody. There’s nothing wrong with being in love with someone. Love’ll make you do wrong. Love will you come home early and stay out all night long. That is the power of love.

I Can’t Wait has the sultry Death Row sound everybody misses. The song is a masterpiece with clear and divine production. I Can’t Wait is an original Danny Boy song.

The song is about Danny Boy not being able to wait to see the lady he loves and cherishes. He cannot wait to see her face after he gets off work. He thinks of her when he is and at his place of employment. So he thinks of all the things they could do.

The Church Interlude is a Danny Boy solo which was an interlude written and performed by himself with no outside help or extraordinary features. Danny Boy takes it to church with his smokey vocals and soulful singing on the Church Interlude. You know what time it is.

The producers for Church Interlude were Hurt-M-Badd, Kurt Kobane, and DJ Quik. The Church Interlude was recorded right after the recording process of Welcome To Death Row! was completed. Church Interlude was recorded on October 30, 1995 at Can-Am Studios (Studio B) in Tarzana, California. The producers for Church Interlude were Hurt-M-Badd, Kurt Kobane, and DJ Quik.

So in Love is about how Danny Boy is so deep in love with this beautiful lady that is irresistible.

Danny Boy doesn’t know what you she has got or what keeps her on his mind. He just knows that she can do the things she does to him each and every single time. He is so in love with her.

She needs Danny Boy’s love. He’ll be right there by your side. Danny Boy tells her, “ You don’t have to be so particular with me, honey. I’m the one who’s beggin’ this time. ‘Cause I’m so in love with you, baby.

Yet there are time when Danny Boy thinks that she can’t understand their love. He doesn’t think she does sometimes. Danny Boy keeps telling her that she is the one who’s gonna be with him through endlеss time. To the end of time.

Ooooooh tell me can you understand me girl
I don’t think you do sometime
I keep tellin’ you that you’re the one
That who’s gonna be with me through endlеss time

It’s All About U sounds like a Jodeci song which makes sense because Devante Swing produced the song. The Vocoder (voice box) used in the middle of the song is what makes the song very hot and steamy.

I know that sounds outdated but understand it’s a 90s song. Devante Swing produced and arranged a genius breakdown at the 2:12 mark. The song was recorded during the analog days from tape into the console and other keyboard gear. That’s why that song sounds the way it does.

The G-Funk Remix of Steppin’ called Steppin’ [G-Funk Remix] was a reprise to Something to the Mood and was produced by DJ Quik and G1. The song is a smooth upbeat soul song perfect for a late night.

Do Me is a smooth Donell Jones and Jodeci sounding love song with sultry production. Without a doubt, Do Me would’ve had a classic R&B single on Death Row if it was officially released. Death Row fucked up by not making this song be a single. His vocals fit in perfectly with the harmonies and melodies.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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