Review: B-Rezell – The B-Rezell Album

B-Rezell – The B-Rezell Album is one of those sultry romantic albums for when you and/or your lover is a romantic mood. Everything from love songs to soulful romantic ballads can be heard on this album. Each song is very relaxing. Their sound is so dissonant.

Songs recorded for the album were Gettin Harder, Ooh Wee, Fuck The Shit Out Of You, Peaceful Summer, Let Me Kiss You, Does My Music Make You Wet, I Wanna Fuck You Baby, N-Ya-Eyes, In The Rain, Lick, Have Some Fun, I’m Ready, Fade Me, Bounce, Keeper, Hoochie, Blak, and Show Me Some Love.

However B-Rezell – The B-Rezell Album was never released in 1994 on Death Row Records as planned because Suge Knight and Dr. Dre deemed the album too commercial sounding for Death Row Records which lead to their album being shelved. Suge Knight and Dr. Dre thought B-Rezell would hurt their brand for having too much of that commercial sound. Death Row was too stuck in their formula to put and promote B-Rezell out.

Tyrone Wrice aka Hurt-M-Badd, George Parker III, Marc “Darc” McWilliams (Marc McWilliams), and L.T. Hutton were once members of the R&B group B-Rezell. L.T. Hutton and Tyrone Wrice were producers for B-Rezell. The group B-Rezell disbanded and Tyrone Wrice later served as a “wack room” producer who made beats for the Death Row label.

The classic West Coast sex jam is one of those provocative R&B bedroom jams perfect for a romantic night. B-Rezell recorded the song called Horny for the soundtrack for the 1994 movie Murder Was The Case. The song was produced by Kevin Lewis and Marc McWilliams. Now there were two remixes to/of this song which were the Jazz Remix and Candlelight Remix. Both of which have never been released.

Marc called his lady up for some sexual feelin’. His penis is hard again. So he brings over the lotion so he can rub her with the lotion. Marc tells her to assume the position so he can fuck her all night long until she moan and scream. She cuts off her pager and unplugs the phone. He promises this won’t hurt her. He tells her, “Don’t say a word. Just let me work it. I promise baby that I won’t hurt it. I know you need one nice and strong. So I refuse to let you go home.” Marc is gettin’ kinda horny.

I know the size is hard to believe. But it ain’t the size that really counts. It’s the way you move and make that sound that really counts. Every inch cause this is everlasting. You gotta keep on strokin’.

She makes love like she is much older and experienced. The kind of love that makes you have an intense orgasm. This is the freaky, deaky, zeeky you need to know about.

Their other jam Blowed Away is a slow tempo sultry provocative R&B song about smoking marijuana. Another 4/20 anthem. Blowed Away was produced by DeVante Swing. B-Rezell recorded the song Blowed Away for the soundtrack for the 1994 movie Above The Rim. This song brings back so many memories for many people. This song of theirs was bumping hard in the trunk of cars back in 1994. Classic memories from the 90s. Their sound is dissonant.

“If you smell any smoke, it’s just me and my homies getting blowed away.” where the lyrics used in the chorus to make the song memorable and impressionable by leaving a long lasting impression on people for a life time.

Imagine yourself getting blowed away and flowin’ away. Chillin’ like a mothafucka on this hot ass day. So fire up the bud for them niggas today. Cause we be bumpin’ with the groove gettin’ blowed away. Let B-Rezell take you by the hand and let them tell you something good like UGK. There’s a party goin’ on. So let’s ride through the hood. You don’t wanna be late. Don’t wanna miss the fun. So hurry up and get ready. Before they roll up another fat one. If you smell any smoke, it’s just me and my homies getting blowed away. It’s all good.

The sounds are bumpin’ from this ghetto trackIf you wanna ride, all you do is pull out the stack. You can get right in for this 20 sack. There’s a party tonight. There will be hoes shakin’ their asses left to right. I’m havin’ some fun. Roll up a fat one and pass it around.

In The Rain is one of their most underrated songs to date. The song is a mid tempo song filled with sultry R&B sounds and instrumentation. Honestly Danny Boy or Nate Dogg should have sung on the song. That would have been a beautiful epic combination. Plus the production is clear and divine.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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