Review: MC Hammer – Too Tight

MC Hammer – Too Tight was one of the more unique Death Row albums. Hearing MC Hammer rap over songs that had G-Funk grooves and whining synthesizers was certainly unique and very interesting. This album is more versatile than his other albums. 2Pac helped ghostwrite songs such as Too Tight and Unconditional Love. Who would have thought a Christian rapper would have signed to Death Row Records?

MC Hammer – Too Tight was one of the many Death Row albums promoted in magazines and albums. MC Hammer – Too Tight was one of the many Death Row albums which fans anticipated on being released. The album was scheduled to be released in 1996. But that never happened due to 2Pac’s death and industry politics. So the album was shelved as a consequence. However he did release some versions of the songs recorded for Too Tight on his did release versions of some tracks on his next album.

MC Hammer was inspired by the sounds of the album Ohio Players – Skin Tight when recording Too Tight. That is why Too Tight samples Ohio Player – Skin Tight. 2 Pac had gotten up early that morning and went to the studio. He called in the background singers, laid down the background, and wrote a rap he wanted MC Hammer to rap. That’s how it was done.

Too Tight was written as a reference track by 2Pac for MC Hammer’s ‘Too Tight’ album. MC Hammer spits braggadocios rhymes over a mellow G-Funk groove with whining synthesizers and melodic keyboards on Too Tight. This track’ll have you going way back like bad habit. This beat is pumping got you swerving in your ride when you play it bumpin’.

These lyrics are an example of braggadocios rhymes over a mellow G-Funk groove with whining synthesizers and melodic keyboards, “I caught some playa-hatin’ punks talkin’ about my style/I’m gettin’ money doing this for a while/But immature square using bad grammar/I hit the city and they screamin’ ‘You da man Hammer!’/Holla if you understand me,”.

2Pac wrote this for MC Hammer as part of his obligations to Suge Knight for posting the $1.4 million dollar bail and using his pull to get him out on appeal 8 months into his 4 year sentence.

MC Hammer caught some player hating punks talking about his style. He’s getting money as he’s been doing this for a while. Those player hating punks are a bunch of immature squares using bad grammar. I heard you talking loud and clear. You ain’t saying nothing. Holla if you understand me. Poppa got a new bag and it’s too bad.

MC Hammer wasn’t popping. So he changed the plan. MC Hammer came back with a monster jam. Now everybody’s talking about they down to ride now that Hammer’s bustin’ too tight. Throw up your hands if you feel me.

MC Hammer shakes the whole state of California like an earthquake. He got you jumping out your chair like you’re panicking. Quit being stiff. It’s similar to watching mannequins. Throw up your hands up again and swing ’em back side to side.

The fans want to get a fix but the stars got it. So peep game because the fame is a narcotic. MC Hammer never left the game, He just got strange. Indeed he did by switching his persona, musical style, and signing to Death Row Records. That’s why things changed. And you’ll be going through the stacks of junk. Packs of pumps and still can’t find a track that bumps.

Either hit the floor or hit the door, coward. Since it’s a Death Row party got the cream and the crop. MC Hammer keeps it popping got the whole crowd screaming don’t stop until you drop. Music motivates a generation. All color barriers are broken when MC Hammer rocks the nation. From senior citizens to minors in the little league. From thugs to jocks. Not only the women but all the men. And can’t nobody rock the show like the Hammer with a club track. As soon it ends it starts again. To groove you from coast to coast. So get close.

Too Late Playa explains how if MC Hammer has his eye on a woman you want to date that you better get to her first before he does and takes her way from you. He’ll take your woman away from you. Danny Boy sang the hooks.

MC Hammer is already known to go after women. If he gets at her it’s just too late.

MC Hammer steps on the scene dressed GQ smooth and ready to party. It’s Hammer time. He is peeping out these industries freaks wearing dresses you can see through. After the party they get naughty which is what the lyrics “Afterwards get naughty, let’s wear our Versace” imply without getting too explicit.

This lady is with her man but she is still looking good and healthy like Patty Labelle’s cook. This is explained clearly in the lyrics, “You with your man, but you still looking/Looking good, and healthy like Patty Labelle’s cook”

MC Hammer strolls over to this woman by asking her what her name is. He realizes her man is not satisfying. Here is what was said.

MC Hammer: Now that I gotcha baby. What’s your name?
Queen: What’s up love? My name is Queen.
MC Hammer: Why don’t you wait right here honey while I go shake this busta.
Queen: No problem. Handle your business and let’s go.

Things take a sudden explicit turn when Queen asks MC Hammer to sign her breasts. Queen asks MC Hammer, “Hammer, would you sign the tits so my man won’t think I was lying?”

Big Daddy Kane realizes the game is staying tight. Playa haters are saying, “He ain’t right.”. Big Daddy Kane sees you tripping since he first started looking at her. And if she peep, then you know she’ll creep. And if you sleep, then that will be just one you won’t keep. You feel unable to keep her in your stable as she listens to the Crystal popping at the next table. Likes finer things, victory is Big Daddy Kane’s again.

Big Daddy Kane got her open about the game he be using. And now she is choosing. You’re gonna come up as the one losing. The smooth criminal is out-muscling, grand theft hustling. Black Ceasar done struck again.

This fine female is looking delicious and blushes while 2Pac gives her kisses. Making her boyfriend suspicious. 2Pac handles his business in the evening like a real player should. She might be his girl, but see she’ll always be 2Pac’s woman. It ain’t no ones fault that she’s sprung on 2Pac. Bitches be hitting switches. Calling 2Pac daddy.

That’s on the real homie, This is how it is when you play for keeps. If your game ain’t straight, your bitch’ll lay with 2Pac. And after 2Pac she’ll probably fuck the next nigga too.

Nutt-So slides by Kristy’s on a Friday night. His truck is sitting way too clean. Yet there are no 18’s bumping. Nutt-So is too damn fresh for being an MC. He sucked up game, pursued his role, and slid to a beauty never G’d before.

Now she’s relaxing and wants to wanna tell Nutt-So how her man acts. Nutt-So is up in her house her coat. Her man keep on paging Nutt-so. He asks her if she is familiar with those digits. It’s very strange that his pager beeps the same thing. She ain’t nothing but her man. Now ain’t that wicked? It ain’t nothing but a damn shame.

So her man must be trying to find clues on them and where they are. But they ain’t tripping. They give him a call so he can cook for them and clean up after the dogs. But he can’t be up here acting a fool. And when he arrived, the sign on the door read: “Too late, player. Do not disturb us.”

Get Up is a diss aimed at Too $hort. MC Hammer called Too $hort a snitch. This is because Too $hort testified and snitched on MC Poohman over the song Rasita. MC Hammer really went at Too $hort during that last verse.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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