Review: Dr. Dre – Chronic II

Dr. Dre – Chronic II is a G-Funk classic laced with the elements of funk, soul, and pop. Any Dr. Dre fan will want to listen to this album. Keep Their Heads Ringing, Blunt Time, Hookers By The Dozen, All Of The Bullshit We Been Thru, and Smoke Enough Bud are some of the highlights of this album.

Dr. Dre – Chronic II was initially advertised in the UPCOMING DEATH ROW RELEASES section of the 1995 album 2Pac – All Eyez On Me. Dr. Dre – Chronic II was advertised in the first pressing of 2Pac – All Eyez On Me. Now this album went under a series of different names. Dr. Dre – Chronic II was also advertised as Dr. Dre – The Chronic II: A New World Odor (Poppa’s Got a Brand New Funk), Dr. Dre – The Chronic 2: Poppa’s Got A Brand New Funk, and Dr. Dre – Poppa’s Got a Brand New Funk.

Dr. Dre – Chronic II was one of the many anticipated Death Row Records releases fans were waiting on to be released and anticipating on. Chronic II was supposed to be the sequel to The Chronic album and was supposed be released in 1995. However Dr. Dre – Chronic II was never released due to incompletion, sample clearance issue, fights, and label politics among several other issues. But when Dr. Dre left Death Row Records he left behind a lot of masters for songs recorded for the Chronic II album.

Dr. Dre kept peoples heads ringing with the G-Funk classic Keep Their Heads Ringing. Nanci Fletcher captivated audiences with her vocals. Dr. Dre has rhymes to keep you enchanted. So get up. Get a move on and get your groove on. I know you’re bobbin’ your head.

Dr. Dre the spectacular goes for your neck. So call him “Blacula” as he drain a nigga’s jugular vein and maintain to leave blood stains. So don’t complain. Just chill and listen to the beats Dr. Dre spills. The mic gets smoked once you hear the beat kick. Dr. Dre is that nigga that keeps the hoes’ panties wet. Music floats like a flying saucer. With grooves so funky they come with a Speed Stick. So check the flavor that he’s bringin’. The motherfuckin’ D-R-E will keep they motherfuckin’ heads ringin’.

Mad niggas about to feel the full effect of intellect. This rap shit’s his meal ticket and still is to an extent. Dr. Dre brings the terror and pain like Stephen King. He is a black Casanova running niggas over like Christine. He gets plenty of ass. So some call him an ass-tronaut. Especially when he rocks the spot with the flavor he has. Dr. Dre has rhymes to keep you enchanted. He produces a smokescreen with the funky green to keep your eyes slanted. Keep their heads ringin’!

Dr. Dre is a debonair with flair. He is running shit like the mayor. But he ain’t no politician as there is no competition. He is sending all opposition to see a mortician. Up front and never in the backdrop. Step on stage and get faded just like a flat-top. Your rhyme sounds like you bought ’em at Stop ‘n Go. Dre came to wax you. So just call him Mop & Glo.

The addictive Smoke Enough Bud is a good ass weed song and is a G-Funk cover of Shirley Jones – Do You Get Enough Love. Smoke Enough Bud with Snoop Dogg and Jewell was recorded around the time Chronic II was being produced and engineered. The song was never released due to sample clearance issues. However the song was finally released as a bonus track on the 2009 album Dr. Dre – The Chronic: Re-Lit & From The Vault.

Here is the plot of Smoke Enough Bud. Snoop Dogg is depressed because of his lack of weed. Jewell serenades his depression and offering him her own supply of weed. Which is why you can hear Jewell serenading about Snoop’s depression.

Snoop’s boy Trizzoy ran out of bud. Of course Snoop needs a hit as he ain’t had a hit in about a week. He is trying to put this album together without no weed. Snoop believes he cannot pull off recording an album without the influence of marijuana. Snoop believes he cannot pull this shit off. A nigga straight trippin’, man.

Jewell asks Snoop in a serenading manner, “Do you smoke enough, smoke enough, smoke enough, smoke enough bud? I wanna know. Baby do you smoke enough, smoke enough, smoke enough, smoke enough bud? I gotta know.”

Jewell tells Snoop, “If the answer’s no, you better come see me. Cause I’m always smoking chronic. And I got what you need when you need it. Don’t get high and leave it. Baby anytime you want some bud. You can come and get it from me.”

Jewell is always smoking chronic. She tells Snoop that he can purchase marijuana from her anytime he needs to. She also tells him not to get high and leave it.

Jewell also tells Snoop, “Well, if you don’t something’s wrong with you. Now you can’t come see me. Cause I’m always stocked on chronic. And blazing so much weed. When you need it. Snoop, how you need it? Baby anytime you want some bud. You can come and get it from me.”

When most people think about smoking bud, it’s just a past time hobby. This can be applied to anyone who smokes. But for Snoop, marijuana is compulsory for him to have. And that’s real. Marijuana is something he gots to groove with. He misses marijuana like he used to miss my girl.

I’m gonna have to ask you the questions. Do you smoke enough bud? Do you get enough bud? Because if you don’t you need to.

Jewell asks Snoop several questions by asking him, “Can you tell do you smoke enough bud? Snoop, won’t you tell me? Are you high yet? Did you get enough bud?”

Da Godfather was a track recorded Chronic II in 1994. This is one of those hard ass lyrical gangsta rap songs which will have you bobbing your head. It take a dollar and take a dollar to be a street scholar. A street scholar that is skeletal cat laced in black. Could that be a line backer, Blitz tight irresistible. Intentions are varying all them process.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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