Review: 6 Feet Deep – 6 Feet Deep (Sixx Feet Deep – Sixx Feet Deep)

The 6 Feet Deep – 6 Feet Deep (Sixx Feet Deep – Sixx Feet Deep) demo is one of the overlooked and lesser known Death Row Records demos by R&B/soul quartet 6 Feet Deep. It was a masterpiece. Unfortunately the album was never released as Death Row Records was falling apart and had spiraled into decline. Death Row had a tight R&B/soul roster which we never got a chance to see shine and prosper.

All of the songs were recorded in a timespan ranging from 1994 to 1996. The songs recorded for this demo were songs such as My Heart, Talk To You, For The Love Of You, and You’re The One. The demo was issued onto cassette as many demos were in the 90s. Not that many copies of this demo were issued on cassette. There was never any CD version.

Cody Chestnut produced and wrote their first and only album. Darryl Harper engineered the album. Christopher Harvey, Tally, Rodney Taylor, Darryl Harper, and Terrence Downs were 6 Feet Deep (Sixx Feet Deep). Christopher Harvest (6’9) was married to Vivica Foxx. He is her ex-husband.

Darryl Harper produced and sung on Because of You with 6 Feet Deep. Because of You is a perfect example of classic 90s R&B. The song describes a man having trouble understanding his woman’s feelings. The song would have been a favorite if released.

How was he to know that she was so unhappy? Never once did she express a single word. How many other times before he asked of her opinion. He already thought they got along. Now she insisted something else emotionally was going on with her because he kept their love so faithful. He just doesn’t understand her sudden change of plans.

She made him touch before she still loved him and swore to God that she saw heaven in his eyes. Her blurry vision is dark and cloudy because she does seem to not like him anymore the way she did before. He kept their love so faithfully. What made her choose to abandon what they had? He just doesn’t understand her sudden change of plans. He was always there for her.

Word is out that she frequently seems aroused when she boasted about this new love, she seemed proud. He can begin to tell her how it makes him feel. Because of her his luck to give has just run out.

Consider Me is one of those songs you play when you need to relax. It was a masterpiece. Some of you may remember that Consider Me was on the used soundtrack for the 1997 movie Gridlock’d. 2Pac said Consider Me was one of their best songs. That’s just how good this song really is.

Consider Me was produced by LA Dre, Hurt M Badd, and Darryl Harper. Darryl Harper sang on Consider Me as he did many of the songs he produced for 6 Feet Deep.

Consider Me was the hit that kept Darryl Harper from getting “hit”. Suge was looking for R&B/soul hits during the mid-90s and was getting persistently tired of Darryl producing music he did not agree with. He was getting irritated enough to assault him and kick his ass.

So Suge Knight tells Darryl Harper, “You better make a hit or get hit.” So he sang his heart out in preference to getting his ass kicked by Suge Knight. 2Pac and MC Hammer laughed at him for actually making it. Darryl Harper says, “They weren’t just singers. They were swingers.” Uncoincidentally Suge went to prison 2 months after Consider Me was recorded.

Darryl Harper went in knee deep on producing the song My Heart. He was the one turnin’ the knobs on the SSL console. That is why the production on both channels was crystal clear. Darryl Harper also sang on My Heart.

Not many people know or knew this but Cody Chestnut was the producer who produced July Halloween. Those groovy guitar chords and notes were played by him. The song is nothing short of a crooner due to being perfectly mixed. As per usual Death Row Records fucked up by not releasing this song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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