Review: OFTB – self-titled demo

The OFTB – self-titled demo is a raw and uncut rap album driven by that edge of gangsta rap. The OFTB – self-titled demo was a demo cassette OFTB used to get signed with Death Row Records back in 1996. Everything they recorded for this album was hard as fuck. However their 1996 album was never released due to industry politics and controversy. Death Row Records was scared to release that album.

OFTB gets about their world wide hustle on World Wide as they it world wide and serve ’em.

They use to say OFTB was trash until OFTB cracked them like this and shot them like that. Now Low M.B is starting to get his paper. Bumped it to some fool’s who said OFTB wouldn’t be major. Player hatin’ up and down. Not knowing there was Bounty ‘ru’s all around. I know you fool’s can’t stand OFTB. As Low M.B bails with Rondo with Sammy in hopes to get a Grammy. That’s right.

Time after time. Day after day. OFTB have to prove themselves.OFTB came to give these motherfucker’s what they need. From the streets of Watt’s going worldwide. OFTB world wide stampede.

You niggas better realize Low MB is rolling with the Bustop and the Flip Side. In 50 states OFTB has been waiting for this bottom shit. While you be asleep they be up making fucking hits. Their shit be true to life stories. It’s a war in this industry. If you ain’t down with OFTB then you my motherfucking enemy. So are you with OFTB or against OFTB?

Checking on your hood is basically making sure ain’t no foul play going around in your neighborhood. Basically making sure things are going smooth around where you’re from. That is what Check Yo Hood is about.

Life goes on. Watts is the land Flipside roams. The homies that been around know that Flipside can hold his on. He been watching niggas go in all his bang life. For years they been bailing with those red shoelaces. Shackle’d up and going to court to be fighting cases. Flipside sees himself following in the same situation. He’s gotta keep moving his daily operation like Nino of PKO. Theres homies in his hood and his projects trying to kill him. Flipside ain’t letting no the bustas take no stripes. They heard now he’s making ends. Flipside is slangin’ to his bigger homies who taught him well. his bigger homies taught him to serve their enemies. They in the pen and he never been. The way it’s going down. It’s like a many movie. Picture this presentation. Homies against homie.

The lyrics “Picture this presentation/homies against homie” is a reference to black-on-black crime in America.

Jewell and OFTB tell us and you to check your hood before it goes under. Tight up your game. Nobody’s gettin’ younger. OFTB tells black people to stop fighting. Because there are too many black people dying.

[Chorus: Jewell]
Check yo hood, before goes under…
Tight up your game, nobody’s gettin’ younger
Check yo hood, before goes under…
Tight up your game, nobody’s gettin’ younger
Don’t touch around, we betta stop fighting
Too many black dying
Tell ’em check, check them hood…

The lyrics to the chorus are a grim reality of black-on-black crime in America. OFTB says we need to stop fighting and search for a peaceful way to live in a nonviolent manner. “Don’t touch your own, we betta stop fighting/Cause is too many peoples black dying/Tell ’em check, check them hood…”

Bust Stop’s homies now point guns in each others faces. And now the projects turns into warzone. That’s why he had to flip script and roll with Death Row. He’s got love for the hood but they don’t hear him though. He’s seen his homies go and come. Homies gonna got skanless. Now is wasn’t take hard look around the projects as he sees no love, no loyalty, or respect. That is why OFTB is helping this streets by being teachers for these’s G’s.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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