Review: Lil Sho – The Show Off

Lil Sho – The Show Off has some of the freestyles and flows in Houston rap (well Huntsville to be precise). Lil Sho was known for using some of the best punchlines in his lyrics. One thing is for sure is that Lil Sho had them flows. Lil Sho still goes hard today. DJ Bull mixed his entire album with hardly any outside help. His freestyles will make you think, “That boy go hard.”

Lil Sho was the punchline king of Freestyle Kingz 2k2. Some of you may remember Lil Sho from the Freestyle Kingz 2k2 mixtape. He also had a huge online presence as he was very active in the early days of MySpace as he was constantly on MySpace during the early 00s.

You can hear Lil Sho rap that classic flow shit on Freestyle (Ghetto Girls). He uses his clever punchlines in this freestyle of his. Freestyle (Ghetto Girls) originally appeared on the DJ Bull’s Gameover mixtape in 2002. Yes, this is the freestyle where he flowed about “having nuts like a rich squirrel”. This freestyle heavily samples Lil Bow Wow – Ghetto Girls of course.

The freestyle had memorable, clever, and humorous lyrics such as “having nuts like a rich squirrel”, “Trunk waving like friendly person having a good day”, and “Ray Charles got blind when he seen my grill”. Those were some of his most memorable lyrics to this freestyle of his.

Freestyle (Salt Shaker) is one of the crunkest hypest freestyles of the album where Lil Sho killed that hoe. You can hear Lil Sho rap that classic flow shit on this freestyle of his. That’s how they do in H-Town. Freestyle (Salt Shaker) heavily samples Yin Yang Twins – Salt Shaker.

Some of you may remember lyrics to the punchline at the very beginning of the freestyle which went, “It’s Lil Sho/I’m head over hills/My screens fall like tomboys trying to walk in high heels/Young ass nigga can’t take a loss/Hoes like bill collectors keep calling my house/” Those are the classic lyrics he used to kick off his freestyle with.

The most hilarious lyrics on the freestyle were, “Fire up the weed because it’s time to get throwed/Like candles on a birthday cake I’m gettin’ blowed” and “Swangas on the curb while the greens be storming/Make a bitch wide open like she was horny/Laws give her a ticket/She breaking the speed limit/Because she sucked my dick at 60 miles per minute”.

Freestyle (Set It Off) is one of Lil Sho’s funniest freestyles due to his humorous lyrics and punchlines such as, “My beat so hard I flipped over a UPS truck” and “Lil Sho quit school cause of Recess/He don’t play much”

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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