September 24, 2023

Lil Sho – Rebellious Presents Lil Sho is one of Lil Sho’s lesser known albums which did not receive as promotion as his first two albums did. This album has more lyrical and versatile edge than his first two albums. Yet he retains the same edge humor he is known for using with freestyles and underground circle. He also uses some of the best punchlines. DJ Bull mixed his entire album as he did with all of his albums of course. Lil Sho is a representation of Houston’s finest. Rebellious Presents Lil Sho was released in late 2005.

Lil Sho explains why and how he is the king of getting throwed on the freestyle King of Gettin Throwed. He uses clever, witty, and absolutely hilarious lyrics in his freestyle.

These lyrics are what made the freestyle absolutely hilarious. “Because I’m hotter than fat people sitting on leather sofas” “Just fucked a virgin but that was her dumb choice/I left her pussy deeper than Barry White’s voice” Those are some examples.

Soljas Sho Off is a short 1 minute long freestyle by Lil Sho which definitely should have been much longer. The song had potential to be a full freestyle. Soljas Sho Off was a reprise of Freestyle (Set It Off) because Soljas Sho Off basically picks up where Freestyle (Set It Off) left off. Lil Sho wrecks everything as always with them flows of his. Lil Sho uses some of the best punchlines in this freestyle.

He uses some humor in lyrics to his freestyle. Here are some examples. “Pimp hoes/Yeah, nigga that’s the g way/Rims sitting so tall/Can’t drive on the freeway”, “When I grab the mic I make people get hyper/I get more thumbs up than a hitchhiker”

Head Over Hills is another name for Freestyle (Salt Shaker) from his 2004 debut album The Show Off. Head Over Hills is one of the crunkest hypest freestyles of the album where Lil Sho killed that hoe. You can hear Lil Sho rap that classic flow shit on this freestyle of his. That’s how they do in H-Town.

Some of you may remember lyrics to the punchline at the very beginning of the freestyle which went, “It’s Lil Sho/I’m head over hills/My screens fall like tomboys trying to walk in high heels/Young ass nigga can’t take a loss/Hoes like bill collectors keep calling my house/” Those are the classic lyrics he used to kick off his freestyle with.

The most hilarious lyrics on the freestyle were, “Fire up the weed because it’s time to get throwed/Like candles on a birthday cake I’m gettin’ blowed” and “Swangas on the curb while the greens be storming/Make a bitch wide open like she was horny/Laws give her a ticket/She breaking the speed limit/Because she sucked my dick at 60 miles per minute”.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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