Review: Alumnyh – The Album

Alumnyh – The Album is Born Soul – From The Beginning To The End revisited or Born Soul – From The Beginning To The End Part 2. It picks where From The Beginning To The End left off. You can feel the sound and production from his first album on this compilation album when you listen to it. Real live instrumentation with heavy bass and Afrocentric percussion over hip hop beats. The lyrics from these MCs are fire! This album will remind you of Outkast. It’s too bad that this album was under promoted and overlooked. Born Soul and Alumnyh had much potential to be the next OutKast from Texas.

Alumnyh was a one time thing only. Born Soul Productions is based outta Austin, Texas. This album was released on CD by Born Soul Productions in 1999 with distribution by Southwest Wholesale and INDI.

The Intro explains who Alumnyh is and who the members are. Alumnyh is Born Soul, Mr. Man, Luscious T, R.C. (Reggie Coby), Mello D, Chieve, Hennessey, and Golden Child. The Alumnyh song has nearly all the members of Alumnyh all on one track.

The song The Alumnyh is an Alumnyh posse cut where members Mr. Man, Born Soul, Luscious T, R.C. (Reggie Coby), Mello D, and Chieve rap.

Alumnyh incorporated the nursery rhyme Hush Little Baby into rap on the song Nursery Rhyme. Born Soul and Alumnyh incorporated nursery rhymes from children’s music into a rap song. Nursery Rhyme samples Tom Tom – Club Genius in musical box instrumentation form. The echo and treble are significantly reduced as they are hardly present. There is no echo presence. This should have been a single.

Drip Drop is a slow tempo rap a song which incorporated a bit of hip hop flavor and dance music. In Drip Drop you can hear a sample of Little April Shower which came from a Disney movie called Bambi. The treble is reduced significantly as the echos bounce.

Drip Drop is Nursery Rhyme revisited as this song copies some of the musical notes and tones from that song. Specifically the keys of A# minor, G major, and D. The A and D keys are constantly used.

Keep It Comin’ uses a MIDI keyboard over polished studio beats. It’s a Mr. Man solo that is actually a soul song and not a rap song. The echo and treble are significantly reduced as they are hardly present. There is no echo presence.

The love given to him blows his mind. True love is hard to find. His life would not be complete if love was taken away. Love is so great. He’s not afraid to give love. He does not want a whole lot. Mr. Man just want the love to just keep on coming hence the title of this song.

Great drum programming on the remix of Southern Fried Flav. Southern Fried Flav is a catchy song. Southern Fried Flav is a rap song where Southern rap flavor is added. K-Smooth comes from the South were the players play. The beats, chorus, and bass stand out the most. It’s a bit of Southern Fried Flav for you. It’s as sultry as soul food.

Untouchable is a Mello D solo. The song has a Wild West feel to it due to acoustics used. Mello D is lost in a world encompassed of sin and gin. Surrounded by fakeness. The truth is that Mello D is a real emcee. The rap game pays him. Born Soul is untouchable.

Slave Chronicles is about Black History and a fast paced song. Slave Chronicles was produced by Reggie Coby. Slave Chronicles is a great song also!

Be Wit Me is a slow jam with a touch of rock. Yes it’s another love song that will either put you in a trance or put you asleep. You’ll love the MIDI keyboard being used and playing in the background.

Shzah Shzah is a reggae fusioned dancehall track. K-Smooth produced Shzah Shzah in 1999. The piano follows the tempo and percussion.

Lonely has a Latin feel to it. You can feel loneliness, isolation and desolation as you listen to the song Lonely. Lonely is a duo cut with Luscious T and Mr. Man.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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