Review: Poi Dog Pondering – Volo Volo

Poi Dog Pondering – Volo Volo was overlooked by so many people and music fans. Not to mention by mass media and independent news stations across the US. Volo Volo was released on Columbia Records in 1992. This album was done when Poi Dog Pondering was still in Austin and before they moved to Chicago in 1995.

Lackluster is an ironic song because of the way Poi Dog Pondering was supposed to make it big and didn’t, but other than that it’s an OK song. Both the grand piano and Jazz piano in the background of the vocals are great!

The Hardest Thing is love, which proves to be the hardest topic on the song The Hardest Thing. It’s about lovers dictating each other and dictating other peoples lives. Think about them arguing and fighting. Consumation as well. Love can be about getting to the truth behind all those lies.

Te Manu Pukara is a fast playing banjo song which sounds like a Spanish Country song. Te Manu Pukara is certainly a funny song.

Collarbone to me is more of a Jazz Rock song. Meaning that the song Collarbone is a crossover of Jazz and Rock. I can hear both the grand piano and Jazz piano in the background of the vocals.

Entrance should have been the first song as the intro. Tall and Building should have been one song together call Tall Building. Be The One should have been omitted. I’ve Got My Body should have been about record companies owning peoples souls or a sexual track about intercourse.

Poi Dog Pondering got screwed by Columbia Records. Poi Dog Pondering was supposed to make it big yet they didn’t. The album Volo Volo was supposed to prove to be their big break. Low album sales proved otherwise. Volo Volo should have a crossover album with Jazz and Rock being called Jazz Rock.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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