Review: Shawty Pimp – B.P.P

Shawty Pimp – B.P.P is one of the most underrated and overlooked Memphis rap albums of 1995. Shawty Pimp’s fresh production leaves much to be desired because Shawty Pimp’s tapes are always the shit! Can’t Get Caught Up, One Mean Stang, and Can’t Play No Playa are the highlights of this Shawty Pimp album.

The album starts off with a fly intro on One Mean Stang which goes, “Now since this the B.P.P. type and my name is Shawty P.I.M.P. and this shit is produced by me/We go kick some pimpin for you niccas out there you know I’m saying?/And my nicca Red Dog finna pick up from where he left off on that solo thang/And can nobody but the big boy’s dig this shit/So if you a big boi come on with me as I open the doors to the playas”

One Mean Stain deals with being trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. Shawty Pimp is trapped. One Mean Stain relies heavily on the sample of Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

Shawty Pimp has a lot on his mind as he is trying think of what to do. Shawty Pimp is broke as a motherfucker. There ain’t no money coming through. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks. He has think of a plan before he kills the next man. With a Glock in hand, he’s a wild man caught up in this life of crime. Shawty Pimp is about to get this man. Shawty Pimp has been trailing his ass for fifteen minutes. He waits in the driveway. The driveway leads up to a big ass house in Germantown. He took his dope and money too ’cause that’s what a pimp is supposed to do. He also took his wedding ring. A nigga known for everything.

Shawty Pimp is now out looking for more hoes to trick. So I pulled out his .44, rushed the door, and threw them down.

Can’t Play No Playa is quite a harmonic rhythmic gangsta rap/pimp rap song which samples Anita Baker – Whatever It Takes. You can’t play no playa. You busters better recognize.

Shawty Pimp and Reddog are in the middle of this dope game. Reddog’s on the motherfucking set in the campaign. ‘Cause a nigga know it’s you, automatic weapon fool. You might try to kill him in and assassination attempt but he ends up killing you instead. That is what the lyrics “You might try to kill me, in attempts I end up killing you” mean.

Bodies have been buried in the ground. You hoes that are talking shit can suck his dick. Shawty Pimp is cool and straight legit.

Shawty Pimp and Reddog explain how they execute their pimp game in these lyrics below.

Bеtter make my money hoе, if you know what’s best for you
If you wanna keep your life, I suggest I keep on pimping you
Mane I’m getting richer from these hoes while my cash flow
Living like a, that’s whatever you call it, I’m born it hoe

‘Cause you know the shit I kick, pimping keeps my pockets thick
On you funky, shady bitches, having you hoes clock all my riches
Just because I dog on hoes, maybe even slap a hoe

Shawty Pimp just let us know that you cannot play a playa. He breaks down game to you lames and you busters. Beware as he is breaking wimps and breaking simps. To a player in the hood, cracking dollars in the street, stay clocking them dollars. Don’t weaponize a player when he’s standing in your face, bitch. Him and Shawty Pimp making these hoes pay what they weigh. Living day by day. Sipping on that E & J.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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