Review: Lil Johnny – I Got You

Lil Johnny is from Flint, Michigan. He grew up in the church. His family attended church regularly during his childhood. He grew up in music basically. His family even performed in a local R&B group. When he was 11, he recorded a demo with local producer Corey Peterson. In less than two years from 1997, he signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records via Millennium Entertainment. This album was produced by Mario “Yellow Man” Winans and Jermaine Dupri. Jermaine Dupri wrote half of this album. Bryan Cox did too.

For those of you who don’t remember, Lil Johnny had a music video called I Got You which was on Nickelodeon channel a lot in 2001. Lil Johnny was on tour with Lil Bow Wow, Lil Zane, and B2K back in 2000 to 2001 on the Lil Bow Wow/B2K tour. His voice sounds a bit like Usher.

The album was rapidly hot! 13 tracks of soulful punchy tunes within 50 minutes. You can listen to it the whole way through without skipping any songs. It’s not that hard to be moved by this sort of sweet voice and talent. (About more than %90 of this album filled with love songs. Just remember Lil Johnny was 15 when he did this album.)

The timing for the release of the I Got You album was bad due to Usher’s rising fame in 2001 and the fact his voice sounds a bit like Usher. Basically the music industry at the time was not looking for another carbon copy of Usher. Not exactly Ginuwine either.

The album starts with opener Dance Dance. This is the type of track that makes you want to bounce. It’s all dance dance, groove groove. It’s a slow but smooth dance melody. The beats and rhythm are very slow to start out with. Not bounce music or trap music.

I Got You is about Lil Johnny having a girlfriend but the only problem is he’s only 15 and he doesn’t have a car. Because Lil Johnny is 15 he is not legally able to drive a car on the road. He is legally unable to drive a motor vehicle. His girlfriend tells Lil Johnny he doesn’t have to go nowhere as long as he’s with her. This is where he really shines.

I Got You features Jermaine Dupri as well. He raps the hooks with his signature single verses. I Got You is a love song basically.

Please is about Lil Johnny wanting his girl back. Lil Johnny wants his girlfriend to be back in his life.
Lil Johnny has been up all night trying to write this letter to tell his girlfriend what Lil Johnny feels like. He doesn’t feel any better. He’s about to break down emotionally and cry. He didn’t think she would leave and break his heart. Lil Johnny did not play and do his part in the relationship with his girlfriend. Lil Johnny should have treated his girlfriend better. So Lil Johnny will lose his sanity if he does not get his girlfriend.

Lil Johnny describes next how he got into this sticky situation is that Lil Johnny had said something he said but he didn’t really mean it at the time. This won’t happen again as Lil Johnny was just caught in the streets when he shouldn’t have been. His girlfriend means everything to Lil Johnny in this world. Lil Johnny may be young but he is ready to love his girlfriend. Lil Johnny is really sorry.

The well known game show-inspired Wheel of Fortune was also on The Brothers soundtrack for those don’t remember is also on this album. Wheel of Fortune is a great song to play during midnight to your lover after smooching whether it be dedicated for him or her. A great song for both lovers!

You Can’t Be Serious is about seeing his ex-girlfriend the other day. Lil Johnny got a call from his ex-girlfriend the other day. She said she missed the things Lil Johnny would used say. She said she’s sorry and she had changed her ways. She’d do anything to get back to Lil Johnny. Lil Johnny couldn’t believe this as this was the same person whom played with his head. She acted like she did want Lil Johnny around.

Lil Johnny has obviously given her more than two chances. Lil Johnny left and found somebody else better for him. Lil Johnny is the type of boyfriend every woman wish they had. Lil Johnny’s really got it going on. But his ex-girlfriend kept doing him wrong. He won’t take her back after all that drama his ex-girlfriend had intentionally created.

Lil Zane raps up next about the type of women he’s into. So many fights he’s been through. He thought she’d be the one. But truth turns out to be wrong in love. Lil Zane needs things too as he’s very busy with life.

You Can’t Be Serious is also about him not getting over the fact that his girlfriend moved away and his girlfriend dating someone else instead of Lil Johnny. She can’t just be serious about how they are not dating anymore. Relationships talk like money talks. They don’t last forever. The beats on You Can’t Be Serious super bouncy similar to Bounce With Me by Lil Bow Wow as it not too obvious Jermaine Dupri lent a hand towards production in this song. You Can’t Be Serious features Jermaine Dupri and Lil Zane as well as an added bonus.

That’s What I’m Talking About features Jermaine Dupri. It sort of has a Latin/Spanish beat to it. I really like that. It adds spice into the mix of the guitar flavour. Lil Johnny’s blowin’ up the spot on That’s What I’m Talking as Jermaine Dupri raps the hooks! That’s What I’m Talking is a dance song and love song mixed together.

Why is about difficulties of life. Why does it have to be about this and that? That and this. Why can’t we hug and kiss? Why can’t we just make out instead of fight? It’s a typical teenage love song about learning how to love each other instead of date rape and spousal abuse. The mood gets noticeably darker on this song than all the others.

Curfew is about, well, breaking his curfew with his girlfriend. Lil Johnny talks about all the things they are going to do when they break curfew.

Lil Johnny can’t concentrate on nothing because he knows what tonight will bring. You and me all alone my love lookin’ at the stars above. Lil Johnny can’t wait to feel her face. They will to their favorite place. Lil Johnny will be with her. They can’t say nothing. The thing that Lil Johnny and her have is so cool. Lil Johnny wants to be with her tonight so they are out in the darkened hours of the night after hours thus breaking curfew. They’re going to talk beneath the friendly skies and stare into each others eyes.

Lil Johnny has to go to the mall right quick and pick out a fresh outfit. He wants to represent his girl. Lil Johnny knows she’ll look tight in that fresh outfit with her hair all done. Every hour spent is all going to be about them.

Baby tell your friend that if your parents called that you want to sleep in. Make sure they know the deal because after tonight ends they’ll want to break curfew again. That’s for sure!

Dream Girl is about finding that right girl and the type of women he wants to date. Lil Johnny wants beautiful girls in his beautiful world. Not these groupies or plus size women. (But hey, plus size women need love too.) Lil Johnny want’s the perfect model girl to be in his world as his girlfriend. A perfect dreamy romance song.

Hang It Up is also about Lil Johnny not getting over the fact that his girlfriend moved away and his girlfriend dating someone else instead of Lil Johnny. He can’t just be serious about how they are not dating anymore. In reality he wasn’t serious about the relationship. They were just two teenagers in love.

Hang it up! You can’t get her back. While you were gone Lil Johnny was picking up the slack. All those long walks, long talks, and all of that. Homeboy you lost that. Now you need to step back! Because Lil Johnny’s blowin’ up the spot!

It’s not Lil Johnny’s fault your family moved away. Your girl moved on. Now you’re mad because that same girl is with Lil Johnny. She wants to be on Team Lil Johnny. What would you have done? Can say that Lil Johnny’s a player. You would have done the same thing if you were Lil Johnny. He feels for you. A girl like that you must feel sorry to loose. If that was Lil Johnny, he would have been singing the Blues. He won’t rub it in, however. Lil Johnny’s made it clear he won’t let go.

What’s a player like Lil Johnny supposed to do? When they first talked she said, Yo! We’re through.”. She said she was tired of being alone. She had to find that heart a brand new home. I know you seeing her with Lil Johnny is tough but it is what it is.

Better Get Ready has a Chinese beat to it with Chinese instruments used in the song with the high pounding bass. The timbre is on point with duration of the beats. Better Get Ready is a perfect song to play in the dark midnight hour.

Lil Johnny will show you things you’ve never seen and take you places you’ve never been or gone to on Tonight. We can do it all tonight! Tonight is another upbeat bounce track. The organs are quite high definition and very loud. Turn down the speakers if you want to avoid the loudness. Tonight is another perfect love song to play in the dark midnight hour.

If You’re Ready is the last track of this soulful album. It’s very similar to Usher, Mario, Omarion, and Ginuwine. Not too much like Magoo however. The guitar playing the background is extremely beautiful. If You’re Ready is yet another love song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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