Review: Eminem ‎- Stretch Armstrong Presents Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP Snippet Tape

Eminem ‎- Stretch Armstrong Presents Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP Snippet Tape was released in the middle of 2000 on cassette only through Interscope and Aftermath. This snippet tape was released to promote the May 23, 2000 release of The Marshall Mathers LP. New York City radio personality Stretch Armstrong hosted this snippet tape which is why you can hear him all over the place. The cassette plays the same tracks on both sides.

The Marshall Mathers LP Snippet Tape features exclusive skits, explicit hilarious prank phone calls, comedy raps, acts, and dope freestyles which can only be found on this cassette. This tape contains lyrics which may be too intense for punk-ass MCs.

Paul Rosenburg, Eminem’s manager, uses the intro of this tape to talk about how things got different after Marshall’s The Slim Shady LP album was released. Samples from various reenactments of awards given to Eminem’s which glorified commercial debut album are used throughout the intro. Intro comically nods at the huge success The Slim Shady LP album made.

A sample of Carson Daly on Total Request Live MTV is used on the intro. Talk about a nostalgia trip. Total Request Live hardly ever gets brought up these days.

The Watcher Freestyle (Watcher) is where Eminem raps over the instrumental of Dr. Dre – The Watcher.

The beginning of the freestyle is where Eminem changes into a psycho. He develops a love for weapons. Things just ain’t the same for psychos. The strangest things can happen from jabbin’ pregnant women in the abdomen so they can’t have children. Bitches get slapped up and drastic ass kicks. Gay-bashin’ fags with tire irons and ratchets.

The following lyrics have imagery of how certain homosexuals do act.:

“I seen ’em come, I’ve watched ’em go/Versace “Whoa, hey!” Liberace “ho!” (echoes)/I might have bashed of somebody you probably know/Buncha’ faggots in your clique screamin’ “It’s not me! No!”/Drag ’em out the closet and across the floor/Went you paid ’em a visit in the hospital/Stab ’em in the fuckin’ tonsils with a popsicle/Stick, and sit back and watch ’em choke”

People sue Em for dough. They press charges on him. That is until they can’t fight it anymore due to depleted finances. Of course he has lawyers.

The Light Speed Freestyle (Light Speed) is where Eminem raps over the instrumental of Dr. Dre – Light Speed. The sound quality is good and is probably the best since this freestyle came from a cassette tape. This freestyle was recorded on Stretch Armstrong’s radio show in 2000.

Eminem stays higher more than controversy over race. This was controversial as Eminem was still not taken seriously at the time due to him being a white male in rap. Critics hated his music and have criticized him for his music in general as a whole. Critics often look for something to use against him. But they never win. His fans can’t wait until the next album is released.

Parents complained and asked him to tone down his music to be not so explicit so their kids could listen to it. Of course we know Eminem didn’t do that much to their dismay. Parents complained that he cussed a lot. When SSLP came out in 1999, a lot of parents complained and threatened to sue him. This was a huge deal. They asked him to tone down his music to be not so explicit so their kids could listen to it.

Eminem’s music is for people that are looked upon as misfits or rejects of society. He isn’t afraid to censor himself in his music. His music often goes against societal norms. Perfect for people want a role model that isn’t afraid of being censored. Misguided people look up to him. Eminem will never stop recording his music as long as people buy it or stream it. That’s the level of respect each album gets.

He is a real person from an artists point of view. That what these lyrics mean, “I’m just a realistic impression of artistic expression”

Close to the middle of the freestyle is where he is snorting crushed Aspirin through a straw. He’s gasping (hoping) for air and then he passes out in the middle of the mall. That’s what you get when you are snorting a crushed pill. The sensation of snorting a crushed pill up your nose burns.

Grasping at straws means to make a futile attempt to achieve something. Em is saying that critics are looking for something to use against him, but to no avail.

Eminem’s verses are worse than Ma$e’s before he went the religious route by going to God and cleaning up his act. He takes a jab at Ma$e in this freestyle. This is nothing new as Eminem has made references to and took jabs artists/musicians before countless times.

The lyrics “I’m sorry kids I dismissed this class/I’m going back in the broom closet to sniff this gas/Um, Mr. Mathers just missed the bathroom/Pissed his pants and the world still kissed his ass” are a reference to the song The Kids which was a bonus track off the MMLP album where Eminem plays the role of a substitute teacher.

If you don’t like the lyrics you’re hearing from Eminem, then you can deep throat his dick. Then blow him until your lipstick is smearing.

The outro wraps up the tape by Eminem giving his verdict on people that hate him just for his music. It’s a big “fuck you” to all the critics who hated his music and have looked for something to use against him. Critics often criticized him for his music in general as a whole.

Eminem wraps up the tape by telling us if we like what we hear then we should go buy the MMLP album. He does not give a fuck if you don’t like the album. How about that? That’s basically it.

Fat Beats (Skit) is a follow-up skit to the Record Store skits from the Stretch Armstrong Presents Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP Snippet Tape that was released back in 1999. Eminem follows up the previous prank calls made to the Fat Beats record store on The Slim Shady LP’s snippet tape to ask for his upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP before it came out.

Carry Out (Skit) is very similar to the Taj Mahal skit on The Slim Shady LP Snippet Tape. Eminem uses a Hindu accent you would hear from a Pakistani-Indian person to make a prank call to an Indian food restaurant. It will remind you of Ownage Pranks.

Curtis (Skit) is about a transexual man named Curtis who is looking for someone to do a sculpture of his body. He asks the sculptor to make a sculpture of his penis. All he really wanted was a sculpture of his penis for his girlfriend. The sculptor tells Curtis he can’t do that.

This angers Curtis. His response is, “This is really messed up! You’re doing psychological damage to me. Physically and mentally.” The sculptor tells Curtis, “You know, I have your phone number, by the way. So don’t make obscene phone calls.” I’m not making obscene phone calls.

Curtis wasn’t bluffing. “I’m being dead serious with you, sir.” The sculptor tells him, “Well I can’t do that for you.” The skit ends with the sculptor explaining that an add was put in for trucking. Curtis hangs up in embarrassment.

Rex (Skit) is similar to the Cock Massage skit on The Slim Shady LP Snippet Tape. The skit is a nod to homosexuality.

Now contrary to popular belief, it is not underground rapper Aristotle doing the voice but Eminem instead. This because the two had a falling out over who owned the Ken Kaniff character as Eminem used it on SSLP without his permission. It was Aristotle who came up with the Ken Kaniff character.

Eminem uses the Ken Kaniff persona to call up a male massager with intentions of getting laid. While portraying the Ken Kaniff character, the two get into a lengthy conversation over the phone.

Ken asks to speak to Rex. He is looking for a butt buddy to have sex with. Rex asks, “What do you need?” Ken says, “Someone to pal around with.” Then Ken asks for a cock massage. Rex doesn’t follow as does not understand Ken’s request. As soon as Rex figures out what’s going on, he hang ups on Ken and laughs.

The Men With Van (Skit) is where Eminem uses the Ken Kaniff persona to make, yet again, another prank call. Eminem does the voice instead of Aristotle. Ken looks for two strong men to have an orgy with. Ken ends getting pranked as they speak in another language and they hang up on him.

Ken calls the mover after reading their advertisement in the newspaper. Ken asks for the persons name. His name is Tom. Ken asks how big the van is. Ken then asks, “Is it big enough to fit a bed in?” “All I need is just one bed and two men” He gives them the address to his house. Ken’s address is 15843 Novara Street, Detroit, Michigan, US 48205.

He asks how much the price is. The going rate is $90/hr. Two strong men with a van is what Ken desires. Things seem to be going perfectly according to Ken’s plan. However this ends quickly.

The van rental service man Tom realizes the prank and says, “I fucked your mother.” in Russian (“я трахнул твою мать”). The rental service can be heard laughing. Tom hangs up on Ken after this.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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