Review: Rell ‎– Long Time Coming

Rell ‎– Long Time Coming is an album that was only issued as CD promo by Roc-A-Fella Records in 2005. Long Time Coming was one of the three albums that he recorded during his time at Roc-A-Fella Records. All of the three albums he recorded on that label remain unreleased to this day. This was because the label did not know how to promote R&B artists and the producers had disagreements with Rell himself. This album was supposed to be released on Roc-A-Fella Records in 2005, but that never happened due to business politics. It’s a shame this album didn’t come out. It is just so annoying that never happened.

Regardless of business politics, Rell ‎– Long Time Coming remains an all time classic and an impossible to find R&B album. Most of the songs on this album are killer slow R&B songs with a soulful touch. Rell graces the mic with his singing.

Back from Hiatus was produced by DJ Green Lantern. Back from Hiatus was Rell’s comeback from a long hiatus. The song was recorded in 2005 after The Remedy album was completed.

Rell announces his return from a long hiatus. He says hi to the ladies. His middle finger is held high in the sky for the haters. It’s on tonight as Rell is back on the mic with some more shit that you like. Speaking to the ladies with his usual sex appeal.

Distant Love is a love song about having long distance relationships. This Rell song was written for the ladies. Men don’t understand long distance relationships often. Men don’t understand their relationships often. Rell lets the ladies know when they leave that they are never forgotten.

Rell has never been a man who would just walk away from something he started to build. He’s a soldier. All he knows is war and love. It’s over between him and her. No more sleeping together. He wants to be protecting her. No one can compare to her.

Too late for second chances. She is forever in his heart. She was the sweetest young thing when Rell met her. Now she has moved away. They were both in a long distance relationship but that shorty dissolved. He couldn’t stand the thought of her being away for so long.

Never Stop is similar to a D’Angelo song with the smooth funkiness of guitars, alto singing, sultry background vocals, and hip hop beats. The smooth funkiness of guitars gives Never Stop a funk soul vibe. Never Stop a killer track laced and graced with Rell’s vocals.

The moment he saw her, there was no doubt in his mind that he had to get next to her. In just of matter of time, Rell makes his move. She is working her body like nobody else on the dance floor. Rell wants to give her more. Things didn’t take too long for Rell to observe that she was ready. It’s love he is looking for. She was the sweetest young thing when Rell met her. She was the prettiest thing he had ever laid his eyes on.

Somehow, someway, Rell has to have this woman in his life. He searches for compassion and romance the company of a woman. He explains clearly that he is ready to settle down with another woman.

Somehow Someway was and is one of Rell’s most overlooked songs that is considered to be a masterpiece. Rell uses his breathtaking angelic vocals on this song. You can hear and feel the strength that is present in his vocals.

Honestly this song should have been chosen to be another one of his buzz singles to promote his debut album. But because the Roc did not know how to market R&B artists properly, the song ended up not being used as a single and was pushed to the side in favor of other songs such as Love For Free, If That’s My Baby, It’s Obvious, and Let Me Show U. It’s truly a shame this song did not make the final track listing of his debut album because the song fit his breathtaking angelic neo-soul vocals, style, sound, and image. Rocafella dropped the ball with Rell and this song.

Last Ride has an urban feel due to the hip hop beats used. The beats, synths, and guitars are what stand out and are the highlight for this song.

U Ain’t Let Me Down Yet explains how this woman has not let Rell down yet. The song describes how the woman in Rell’s long-lasting relationship with her remains strong. He is hooked on her. Rell sounds like Chaka Khan on this song. The song shows promise in going forward in terms of progression with lyrics such as “As time glows we sweat/U ain’t let me down yet/With the rate you’re going/Hooked on you”

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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