Review: Mandala ‎– High Noom EP

Mandala ‎– High Noom EP is the best electronic music from Germany. You know they say the best electronic music comes from Germany. Hard trance meets the sounds of progressive house and techno on this EP. Nearly all of the songs included on this EP are extremely fast and upbeat. Most of which play over a tempo of 160 BPM. The 90s was a truly fantastic era for trance. Mandala sure knows how throw down a good mixture of trance music in a single EP. Noom Records puts out the best in German trance music.

The Encore is a very fast hard trance progressive house song which uses a tempo of 160 BPM which is exactly the right speed for hard trance. The intro is just beautiful.

Toray is a very subtle acid house song with calming electric synths and electronic soundscapes that will put you into a trance. This is trance at its finest and best. Bits of vocal samples are sprinkled throughout the song. The synths are not as bitchrushed as the other songs. Overall Toray is a perfect rave song.

The Encore (Acid Remix) is just beautiful. You have bitcrushed synths over a flanger which pans from left to right on the speakers. Of course the tempo is extremely fast and upbeat. Mandala sure knows how throw down a good mixture of trance music in a single song.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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