Why the Happy Gilmore movie is plain absurd and cringeworthy.

Happy Gilmore is one of those movies that makes you more retarded than you already are. The movie resorts to lowbrow slapstick comedy humor. Now we all know that slapstick humor is the oldest form of comedy in the book. That is nothing new particularly with his movies. Not surprising since Adam Sandler movies are known for their stupidity. Yet somehow Adam Sandler managed not to make his audiences cringe. Although one could consider this movie to be cringeworthy.

Adam Sandler playing the role of a character who is hot-tempered hockey player that can hit a golf ball 400 yards is plain absurd and unrealistic. Not to mention cringeworthy. But one can expect that nonetheless from Adam.

The production company used the same cast and crew from Adam Sandler’s other movies. For example, Ben Stiller appeared in the movie. Ben Stiller appeared as a borderline nemesis archetype/frenemy. David Spade from The Wrong Missy appeared in the movie. Heck even long time actor Rob Schneider appeared as a character in the movie although his role was the role of a minor character. Rob Schneider is well known for playing of role of minor characters in He’s appeared in several of Adams other movies over the years.

This is one of those 2/5** movies that you would find in a bargain bin at Walmart or some other store. In other words Happy Gilmore is a bargain bin movie. Honestly you should save your money by streaming this movie instead of purchasing this movie.

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