The movie Saw. A conceptional masterpiece and a timeless classic!

The horror movie Saw is a conceptional masterpiece and a timeless classic! Some people say, “Saw is a timeless masterpiece!” Others say Saw is the most badass horror movie made. Clearly the movie Saw was inspired by horror films, movies of the psycho thriller genre, and Stephen King. Think about the film scores and songs used the movie.

The words dark, mysterious, and foreboding can be used to describe the movie Saw. One thing is for sure is that the movie will bring back nostalgic childhood memories thanks to that retro nostalgic feel and vibe.

Most people understood the value of Saw. The movie captures all of those deep feelings as the movie gets paranormal, spooky, gruesome, esoteric, and haunting. There is something about the beauty of a horror movie that gets people all emotional whether it’s a Stephen King movie or a movie featuring Jack Nicholson. The filming locations used for this movie were certainly iconic.

Scenes such as the bloody chainsaw scene with the serial killer roams in the woods is what helped make the movie memorable. I’m sure that brought back vivid unpleasant memories for some.

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