Review: Mojoe – Mojoe

The self-titled digital EP from San Antonio based soul duo Mojoe is a release Matthew Knowles snuck past us and flew under the radar. The San Antonio based soul duo sounds soulful and jazzy as ever. Mojoe proves they haven’t lost their pace or step. That’s largely because Mojoe’s music continually outshines their own lyrics. And because the bluesy touches and live instrumentation from their Mojoe Family backup band is used. Trivial to Mojoe’s current live sound. Mojoe’s self-titled digital EP served as continuation of Classic.Ghetto.Soul and a follow-up to Dirty Genes. If you dig laid back music, then this release is perfect for you.

Not many people know this but Smile serves as a successor to the gumbo soul classic Gold Tooth Diva. The production is atmospheric with an upbeat soulful vibe. The song is no ordinary love like Sade as it will be healin you like Marvin Gaye. Smile is no ordinary love song. Fabulous is one word to describe the song.

If you listen closely, you can easily tell some of the lyrics from Gold Tooth Diva were culled into Smile. These were some of the lyrics which were culled into Smile,

(When you smile)
I love to see that shiny section
(Sure look good)

Matthew Knowles pulled a song called Dirty Genes which came from their second album of the same name. That was a smart move to keep Mojoe’s sound and style relevant with modern audiences and older audiences. This is definitely one of their darker songs which deals their reality.

Not many know this tidbit of information but Dirty Genes was a song and album concept that Mojoe initially created in 2004, but when their debut underground album got picked up by Music World Music/Fontana for national distribution, they had to put their second album on hold to tour. After completing their obligations to Music World Music in 2007, Mojoe entered the studio to finally begin crafting this masterpiece.

Tre’s momma seems to hate him lately these days. That is because Tre reminds her of her husband. Her husband was his father. A person Tre never really knew. He smokes the same pack of cigarettes. He even has the same attitude as his father. Will history repeat itself? Not today.

Tre teaches us about his strongholds and setbacks in life throughout his verse. He believes he has a generational curse. Tre wonders why he was dealt a bad hand in life. He is clueless as to why he was dealt a bad hand in life. But low and behold, nothing has changed. Tre was born with dirty genes. Shit is deeper than a gunfight when you are trying to fight the demons inside. I wish it was that easy but you know I’d be lyin’. Could it be that he is a slave to the game?

[Verse 1: Tre]
These days lately, my momma seem to hate me
I remind her of my old man, I never really knew
Packin’ smoke the same squares, even drink the same brew
Have the same attitude but God brought me through
Two sons right here, baby girl on the way
Will history repeat itself? Nigga nah, not today
I’ll teach ya ’bout my strongholds and my setbacks
Generational curse, am I mortified with my verse
On a hot track – See I ain’t lookin’ back
The struggle is gone, Ka-poof, bye-bye, good-bye
I wish it was that easy but you know I’d be lyin’
Just as – Clueless as Jay in wonderin’ why
Why I was dealt a bad hand in life
But fuck it gotta play with what I got right?
Shit, and what is deeper than a gunfight –
When you tryna fight them demons that be inside?

Easy Lee is a sinner who is a gambler that bent his life on music. A poet about his hustle. You see Easy Lee shaking hands and dappin’ niggas who don’t know him. They just know that Mojoe jams.

Fuck a Dr. Phil. Easy Lee finds that music is the best therapy. Now could it be meant for him to fail. Voices in his head tell him soul music will sell. His heart tells him to keep it real. But he don’t ever bother to wonder why. He’s been runnin’ so long it’s hurtin’ his genes.

I rate this EP 4/5****.

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