Review: Fonzi Neutron – S4DH

The successful release of Fonzi Neutron – S4DH is an album dedicated to women. The 25 track album/release tackles the age old topic of love. So expect to hear about romance. First Time Love and Cosmic Love 2.0 are some examples.

This Hard Hitter Productions release exemplifies Bout Dat’s signature cosmic flavour. Born in Birmingham, UK, Fonzi Neutron has developed a distinctive style over his 10 year recording and performing tenure. His ability to implement a masterful vernacular; with past, present and future elements alike is absoulutely outstanding. Fonzi Neutron calls his Fonzi Neutron – S4DH album the best album he has produced to date.

The album title was inspired by the 1995 hit by Montell Jordan called Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz. You can easily tell where the inspiration for the album comes from.

First Time Love explains the experience of when people first fall in love and become a couple. Caught Up showcases the lovely vocals of Lakeith Rashad backed a lovely single acoustic guitar playing gently in the back ground.

Cosmic Love 2.0 is a perfect love song to fit in the modern times we live in. Queen Bee graces the song with her backing vocals.

DollFace is another one of the smooth love songs included on this 25 track album with perfect crystal clear production which will certainly help you get locked in to the UK flava. Fonzi Neutron is well known for using that UK flava in his songs. DollFace is no exception.

I’ll Be There uses the same notes and chord progression from Lil Cease – Everything and The Stylistics – You Are Everything. But for the most part I’ll Be There relies heavily on the reworked sample of The Stylistics – You Are Everything.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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