Review: Crooked I – Untouchable

Review: Crooked I – Untouchable

Crooked I – Untouchable is one of the hottest lyrical West Coast rap albums from 2002. Each track is pure fire. Darren Vegas and Daz Dillinger were the producers of this fire album. Untouchable Cali, Bang On Em, and West West are some of the highlights from the album.

Crooked I – Untouchable was supposed to be Crooked I’s debut album on Death Row Records back in 2001. However this did not happen because Suge Knight believed the album title was too ambiguous with other music releases out on the market. So the Untouchable album was shelved indefinitely. So he had Crooked I record a new album which would be known as Crooked I – Say Hi To The Bad Guy.

Now if Crooked I titled his debut album as “Untouchable Cali” instead, then his debut album would have been released in 2001 and Say Hi To The Bad Guy would have been released in 2002. That was his mistake.

Untouchable Cali was opening track from the Untouchable album produced by Darren Vegas. This served as the opener for/of the album. Crooked I’s flow was on fire as he was one of the illest lyricists on the label at that time.

Bang On Em was the first track ever recorded between Crooked I and producer Darren Vegas which was supposed to be featured on his debut album on Death Row Records called “Untouchable” back in 2001. However this song was later re-recorded with Daz Dillinger and Lil C-Style. The song is sublime due to the melodies.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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