Review: Snoop Dogg – The Doggumentary EP

The Doggumentary EP was one of the widely known unreleased Death Row projects which fans know about. The EP had the original version of Vapors, Gangsta Walk, Midnight Love, Snoop’s Upside Your Head, Snoop Bounce, and more. The Doggumentary EP was recorded and created as a follow-up attempt to show people and to let fans know Snoop Dogg never went anywhere.

Death Row Records had Snoop Dogg put together a tight ass EP which was promoted. The Doggumentary EP was supposed to be released in 1998. However that did not happen. Death Row Records and Interscope fucked Snoop Dogg over. Death Row didn’t want him to succeed as they were focused on promoting 2Pac and releasing his music. They didn’t want him putting out music anymore which led to the EP being scrapped altogether. They fucked up by not releasing the Doggumentary EP. This was the final nail in the coffin, which led to Snoop’s escape from Death Row at the beginning of 1998.

Gangsta Walk was recorded early for Tha Doggfather album. However that song was replaced by C- Walkin. C-Walkin was later released on the 2000 bootleg album Dead Man Walkin. The song was produced by Daz Dillinger.

Midnight Love was recorded in late June 1996 during the same session as You Thought and Definition Of A Homeboy. Midnight Love was produced by Soopafly and mixed by Daz Dillinger. Midnight Love also features a verse from Daz Dillinger with Raphael Saadiq on the hook. Midnight Love was saved for the Doggumentary EP. Eventually Midnight Love was blowing up. It was the number one song on K-Rock.

The original version of Vapors was recorded the night 2Pac and Suge Knight went to Las Vegas, Nevada. DJ Battlecat produced the original version of Vapors featuring Charlie Wilson and Teena Marie. This version was to appear on the retail version of Tha Doggfather but was replaced the very last minute with the DJ Pooh version which was recorded in October 1996 and was subsequently moved to the scrapped Doggumentary EP.

Soopafly remixed the famous Snoop’s Upside Ya Head (Soopafly G-Mix) that originally recorded for The Doggumentary EP.

I rate this EP 4/5****!!

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