Review: Henry & The Kasuals ‎– Forever / Funny Funny Funny

Henry & The Kasuals ‎– Forever / Funny Funny Funny is another one of those soul singles from San Antonio, Texas that got very much overshadowed and overlooked. Not many outside of San Antonio, Texas know about this single. You can hear the sound of Tejano soul all over this single with horns ensembles over drum kits and guitars over slow to mid tempo beats. Henry & The Kasuals ‎– Forever / Funny Funny Funny was issued as a 45” vinyl single on the Cobra label. Perfect Brown soul here.

Forever is one of those heartbreaking love songs. The woman breaks the man’s heart and the man plays the role of a fool. The woman takes his love for granted. This song is perfect for anyone who is going through a tough time or a breakup in their relationship. The song follows a 50s style beat at a mid tempo pace. Forever is on the A Side.

Now at the beginning of this song, you are greeted by a loud barrage of horns which is actually a horns ensemble. A loud horns ensemble is always a great way to start off a song with especially during the beginning. The loud horns ensemble is what makes this song stand out.

She can break his heart forever. He can play the part of acting a fool just to be with her. She can torment him and take his love for granted. Although she already takes his love for granted. If he could be with her, he will be her slave for the rest of his life. That is what he wants and that is his desire. Clearly he loves her in so many ways that she is currently unaware of. Being with her is what gives him thrills. No matter what she says or does, he will always be a fool for him.

The man tells the woman these words during the beginning of this song. “Darling forever, forever. You can break my heart forever if you want to. I’ll play the part of a fool just to be with you forever. You can torment me. Take my love for granted. But I’ll always be just a fool. If I could be with you, I’ll be your slave for the rest of my days.”

He explains how thrilled he is to be with her by telling her these following words.: Just to be with you thrills me through and through.

Lyrics to the song explain in clear detail on how much the man loves the woman.

Darling forever, forever
You can break my heart
Forever, if you want to
I’ll play the part
Of a fool
Just to be with you
Darling forever, forever
You can torment me
Take my love for granted
But I’ll always be
Just a fool (just a fool)
If I, if I, could be with you
I’ll be your slave
For the rest of, of my days
Love you more in so, so many ways
Just to be with you
Thrills me through and through
And darling forever, forever
You can torment me
Take my love for granted
But I’ll always be
Just a fool
If I, if I could be with you
Darling forever, forever
No matter what you say or do
I’ll always, I’ll always

Funny Funny Funny is backed by an electric piano which alongside a slow 50s style beat. Here the electric piano sounds very much similar to a harmonic organ. The electric piano is provides this song with harmonics. That is why this sounds as if it were laced with a harmonic organ. Of course those harmonics follow alongside the slow 50s style beat. The beats and tempo are much slower on this song than on Forever. Forever is on the B side.

Funny Funny Funny deals with a couples maturity. The song explains those funny things a couple used to do and say. However those things are not funny anymore as the couple in this particular song are growing up and having to face maturity. Things are changing for them. Inevitably a change is going to come for the both of them. The couple show signs of maturity and awareness during the song. They grow up to realize those funny things they used to do and say are not funny anymore.

These lyrics what gives this song an edge of maturity and awareness. “Those are those we used to do and say/They’re not anymore/We’re growing up/There’s a change for you and me/We’re growing up“

Only One is a Chicano soul song which is one of the more acoustic based singles on this single. This song uses a more Mexican sound by going a mid tempo pace similar to how 60’s Chicano soul songs did. Only One is one of those West Side oldies.

Not many people know this or are aware, but Only One is a cover of Freddy Fender – Only One. Henry did a good job covering this Freddy Fender song. Only this cover song is a Chicano soul version of Only One. Both versions are good either way. Quite romantic too.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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