Review: Doomshop – PCP Compilation

Review: Doomshop – PCP Compilation

The Doomshop – PCP Compilation album, better known as the purple tape, is one of the lesser known and under-appreciated Memphis rap albums which does not get the credit or recognition truly deserved. This is one of those underrated and overlooked Memphis rap junts. The album stayed indebted to the dark and grimey trademark sound of Memphis rap. They’re more than just Memphis resurrection though mainly their style is horrorcore and dark trap. Not to mention hardcore and gangsta. KillaMac of the Ski Mask Troopaz and Mista Dre went in on this Doomshop compilation. The outro and We At Yo Doe are some examples.

This is the PCP Compilation of the original Doomshop Productions from Memphis, Tennessee that was released in 1998 and re-released in 2002. Memphis rap got overlooked in the year of 2002 as Atlanta had been taking over the music industry and scene. This Doomshop album is no exception unfortunately given that the album is ultra rare as fuck. This album is a part of Memphis rap history.

Mista Dre, Marco, KillaMac, So Serious, RedRum, Playa Dre, E-1, K-9, Ms. Pure, and Mr. Greg. are the original members of Doomshop. There are the original members of Doomshop. E-1 was thankful to be a part of this album and his whole team. He remembers his time in Doomshop with some of the best rappers in Memphis at that time. Mista Dre had fun learning how to put an underground album together.

We At Yo Doe was a classic Memphis junt that was the shit! Mista Dre produced the junt We At Yo Doe. Mista Dre was before his time with the way he heavily distorted the 808 beats from a drum machine.

Foe You Haters was a junt aimed towards and at the haters in life. This is another classic Memphis junt that was the shit! The junt has the classic memorable lyrics, “As I creep through the streets of Memphis, Tennessee/Chicken got me dazed so I crack the window a little”

Playa Dre (Drematic) not only produced the outro but he performed a verse on the outro at the same time. Playa Dre said he had fun learning how to put the outro together. Playa Dre was before his time. Especially with the way he heavily distorted the 808 beats from a drum machine. His production is what made the outro classic no doubt. Dark is one word to describe the outro.

I rate this album 4/5****!!


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  1. Correction: released in 1998. And Mista Dre isn’t rapping on the outro: it’s Playa Dre (Drematic, not Skimask Troopaz Mista Playa Dre).

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