Review: 2nd II None – Tha Shit

2nd II None – Tha Shit is an album which is absolutely the shit! Each track have those smooth laid back G-Funk vibes and that Compton sound. DJ Quik was an integral part of the 2nd II None sound. Each song is sample crazy nonetheless. This is one of those albums you can play all the way through without skipping any songs. The mastering on this album is crystal clear and high quality. The album was produced by DJ Quik and executive produced by Suge Knight.

The recording process for this album lasted from 1992 to 1994 with the recording process ending in 1994. Some the songs were reworked and incorporated into the DJ Quik – Safe & Sound album. And some of the other songs were reworked into their 1999 album Classic 220.

2nd II None – Tha Shit was supposed to be released on Death Row Records in 1994. 2nd II None were supposed to sign contracts to signed to Death Row Records and Interscope with Jimmy Iovine but did not sign to those labels as they turned down the deals that were offered. They didn’t want to sign a deal that wasn’t true to themselves. However since 220 was already signed to Profile Records, they had contractual obligations to fill. So this album got shelved by Suge Knight and some of the songs ended up on 1999 album Classic 220. Tha Shit would not be leaked and released until 2007 on 220’s independent label.

This would be considered a classic album if it dropped back in the day and would have definitely at least reached gold status.

The Dogg N Me was recorded in 1994 when 2nd II was on Death Row Records with DJ Quik. DJ Quik and AMG produced the song. The Dogg N Me samples By Your Side by Con Funk Shun and Atomic Dog by George Clinton. The Dogg N Me was later used on their 1999 album Club 220 and was retitled to Y?

Gangsta D remember way back when he was young, living that crazy life and getting sprung. Out there getting’ busy getting his own. He didn’t really care because Mama wasn’t home. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, solving problems by shooting other people and making ends meet by doing robberies. Snatched up one fool and took him out his. The homey survived. Gangsta D didn’t really care because he was young. Now he’s rollin’ with his baby mama. Didn’t even know he was in the drama. Suddenly the homey pulls and starts blasting at Gangsta D. A bullet hit Gangsta D’s head, so now he’s laying down on a stretcher. The family is stressed out because Gangsta D is in a coma. Everybody is praying while Gangsta D is trying to hold on.

When KK was little, he was trying to get himself a down ass reputation while growing up in Compton. It didn’t matter if KK got his ass beat or not. Didn’t even care at the time. KK wasn’t no punk. One day when he rollin’ with all his straps, he got caught by the cops and took all the fault. He didn’t even snitch. KK eventually find himself a minimum wage job but his pockets were still hurting. KK and his relative found a way to come on up. He’s pushing a quarter kilos cross country. That’s how it is when you coming from the CPT.

Didn’t Mean To Turn You On was chosen be the lead single to promote the album which is the song was on the Above the Rim soundtrack. The song received significant radioplay. DJ Quik certainly brought out the funk in this song with his production with his smooth ass beats.

If You Ain’t Fuckin’ is a late night sex jam to when you’re sticking it in your girl or while you’re having sex in a convertible. (The type of car can be your choice.) Or after you just came home from the club all drunk and shit. So you’re ready to make love. Stuff like that. You get the idea!

Let’s Get Higher is known for using such an infectious looped cowbell track into the beats and rhythm. DJ Quik stole the show from 2nd II None again with his intro rap. Move over. Because DJ Quik’s got a brand new bag. But first he’s gotta bang bang. A boogie for the boogie to the rhythm of the ghettoey streets. Check it out now. And ladies if you’re coming, leave your children at the nursery so you can get slow on the anniversary.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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