Review: Joi Cardwell ‎– Wanderlust (The Soundtrack)

Joi Cardwell ‎– Wanderlust (The Soundtrack) is a soundtrack album that was released both digitally and psychically in the year 2007. Sadly the album did not garner much attention or chart on the Billboard. Garage house meets the sounds of deep house on this album. Song of love and personal freedom are what’s on this album. This album used a handful of producers some of which who made her songs into different mixes.

What’s Freedom tells us what freedom is all about in Joi’s words and lyrics. The song is also about seeking the truth. What’s living if you can’t be free? What is freedom if you can’t be yourself?

What is freedom? Freedom is the truth that people seek. Everybody’s got to find their own way to seek the truth.

Joi stands up for herself by telling us what she is not down with. Read these lyrics below.

People pushing their morality
Trying to mold you with
Their words thought and speech
I’m not feeling that reality

People have their own agenda. People push their own standards of morality and try to mold you with that. Just because there’s a majority doesn’t mean their choice is the right thing for anyone else.

Imperfect tells us that life isn’t always perfect.

Sunrise and Sunset. Each day is a miracle see. And sometimes joy and pain comes within them. It’s time to realize that life can be paradise and it will come to you. Even in times of happiness, we are not always blessed. It’s all true.

Life is imperfect and full of insanity. Life isn’t always perfect. But it is the joy it brings that counts. Love is imperfect. Things will be alright even on those days when you’re feeling alone. You have to keep pushing through even when times are tough.

After The Rain is about waking up in the morning with the one you love not being there.

Joi woke up this morning and the person she loved is not there. Joi is listening carefully so she can hear that person’s voice in the wind. There it goes again. That’s wishful thinking on her part. Joi is left with a heart filled with sorrow and pain. There’s always tomorrow.

She smells that unique perfume. That unique perfume smell stays with her through the day. But she must begin to complete her chores. Her heat is filled with sorrow after the pain. When she looks around, it’s them she sees. Joi knows that her heart has her deceived.

She asks herself this question. “Am I asking too much to wish for your touch to last forever?”

Happy tells to keep being happy even when people bring us down. Some people will bring you down with words, distractions, and actions for reactions. This turns your smile into a frown. They find fullment and joy in bringing you down. They’ll make you think you’re crazy. The key to life is simply to be happy. In life you can choose to be. You have the right to be happy. Ain’t nothing wrong with being happy.

Wanderlust is an original love song written by Joi Cardwell. Joi can see it in his eyes and knows that he wants her. His body can’t deny that. What words won’t tell, his body will. Lost in emotions. Her body fueled by fire. Kept afloat by desire. Deep in his ocean. We’ll call it wanderlust. A feeling that you have to trust. He’s the only thing that Joi can see. It’s where she wants to be.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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