Review: Rhythm & Knowledge – The Rhythm & Knowledge Album

Rhythm & Knowledge – The Rhythm & Knowledge Album is one of the lesser known unreleased Death Row Records albums which hardly anyone knows about or is aware of. The Rhythm & Knowledge Album has that smooth sultry this 90’s R&B/soul sound. Their entire album has that 90’s vibe also. Death Row definitely had the game on lock back in 1994.

The Rhythm & Knowledge Album was produced by Sean “Barney Ruble” Thomas. The members of Rhythm & Knowledge were Jay Swift aka Swift Digg, Kedrick Johnson, and Sean “Barney Ruble” Thomas. Sean “Barney Ruble” Thomas was the person with the low voice singing ad-libs. Rhythm & Knowledge came from Dallas, Texas.

The Rhythm & Knowledge Album was supposed to be released in 1994 on Death Row Records. Sadly The Rhythm & Knowledge Album was never released and remains unreleased. Here are the reasons why this album was never released.

Rhythm & Knowledge having too much of a commercial sound is the reason why their debut album was never released. Suge Knight and Dr. Dre deemed the album too commercial sounding for Death Row Records which lead to their album being shelved. So the group ended up going their separate ways. Everyone has grown up and forgot about the past bullshit.

Branding was another reason. Suge Knight and Dr. Dre thought Rhythm & Knowledge would hurt their brand for having too much of that commercial sound. Death Row was too stuck in their formula to put and promote Rhythm & Knowledge out. In fact everybody at Death Row Records thought Rhythm & Knowledge was too commercial to come out on Death Row Records.

Business politics kept the album from being released. Dr. Dre wouldn’t release their album because it wasn’t “gangsta” enough for Death Row Records. This is ironic because even Dr. Dre had rapped on one of their songs on their album.

For those who don’t remember, U Bring The Dog Out was used from the Above The Rim soundtrack in 1994. This was one of the most slept on songs on the album. This song has a 90’s vibe due to the smooth vocals crispy thick beats and drums.

Da Dogg Madness (U Bring Da Dog Out Remix) is a remix of U Bring The Dog Out with a sample of Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang. The remix to this song with The Kool & the Gang sample is straight fire. Both the original version and remix version are produced by Sean “Barney Rubble” Thomas, who was one of the most talented and slept on in-house Death Row producers. However sample clearance issues prevented the remix from being released.

I Luv My People is a pro-black soul song about love for the black race and black people. The song is about giving love and respect to people also.

Other songs recorded for the album were Ask Somebody Dog, Black Queen, Don’t Worry, Feels Good To Be Black, Givin’ It Back, I Love My People, Live Show, Luv My People, Push Up, Show, and Side B. Subway.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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