Review: Rah Digga – Everything is a Story

Her sophomore album Everything Is A Story was to be released on the J Records label in 2004, but was that album was not released as an official release due to the fact that many tracks from the album were somehow leaked onto the internet. The album that had leaked onto the internet had 23 tracks of unreleased material. 2010 is when Rah Digga released her own version of her Everything Is A Story album on the Raw Koncept label from Virginia in the US. The album leak was why Everything Is A Story never saw an official release.

Party & Bull* is the best song off the Everything is a Story album! It’s one of those club records with a catchy beat. Just Blaze produced Party & Bull* where that deadly female MC is spitting fire. Rah Digga fans can agree that Party & Bull* is the best song on the album. Overall, Party & Bull* is a decent club track from the jiggy movement during the 1997-2001 era.

Street People is a track that has a more urban feel rather than a hip hop edge. Street People features wack rapper Young Zee and Joe Budden. Street People is a decent club track. The Way We Are is a decent track.

Rah Digga makes a remarkable comeback with I’m Coming Back. She holds a no holds barred attitude on I’m Coming Back. The deadly female MC is spitting fire here! I’m Coming Back is where things start to transcend and pick up in terms of quality. Beats match the quality production. It’s not the same crap the rappers were spitting before.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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