Review: Mack Tha Jacka – The True Story

The True Story album from 2001 that was released on Power Records and U BE U Records which was distributed by ADA (WMG). Mack Tha Jacka – The True Story album charted #21 & #28 on the Top #100 Billboard Charts back in 2001.

Mack Tha Jacka was the first solo rap artist from Saginaw, Michigan to have an album chart on the BillBoard! Mack Tha Jacka did an across the country all over the United States and Canada for promotion and to gain support for The True Story album. Most of this album was recorded at U BE U Studios and Smooth Side Records in Saginaw as most of Mack Tha Jacka’s albums are. Leroy McMath, Pleasure Sparks, Gee Pierce lent a hand in production for this chart topping album!

Local artists whom were featured and made contributions towards this album were Bone Skanless of Skanless Family & Skanbino Mob (R.I.P.), Chicago/Saginaw/Flint rap group Ill Street, Saginaw’s Madame Dane, Daddy Madd (Napalm), Family Deep, Atlantic Starr, Dirty Jerk, Swift D, Pimpin’ P, and The Dayton Family’s own Bootlegg from Flint!

Mack Tha Jack’a is a reprise of the same song from Mack Tha Jacka’s self-titled debut album/EP from 1993. Mack Tha Jacka tells us where he’s been on this track. He tells us he has been on tour all across the country for promoting The True Story album. He’s no longer a thug from around the way despite being a gangsta rapper.

Dreaming is an interpolation of Am I Dreaming by Atlantic Starr. Dreaming by Mack Tha Jacka is basically a cover version of Am I Dreaming by Atlantic Starr. A real soul based slow jam. A great tune to play during the nighttime. It was a great song.

It’s Stevie Mack dressed in black carrying a semi-automatic gun weapon down the block. It could be down your block he’s walking to on Here Comes The Mack. Mack Tha Jack is taking no shorts and losses on Here Comes The Mack as he spits game from the old school to the new school. He wants it all as he’s in it to win it. Remember. Just watch yo back! The Dayton Family’s own Bootlegg from Flint makes an appearance on this ghetto ass track.

My Life Is A Battlefield is about trials and tribulation in the gangster lifestyle of Mack Tha Jacka. From the time he was a kid into the timeframe he was sentenced to bootcamp all the way towards 2001. Growing up in the ghetto is tough when you’re living the gangster lifestyle. Always worrying about whether or not you make it to the next day. Getting chased by police.

Watch yo back! Because Stevie Mack is dressed in all black carrying a semi-automatic weapon down the block on Watch Yo Back. He’s warning all busters, snitches, and bitches to watch out for themeselves. Sucker MC’s better watch their back. Haters too. Remember. Just watch yo back!

Bone Skanless and Swift D keep it real brehsive on I Keeps It Real with Skanless Family and Skanbino Mob. Keepin’ it real is something Mack Tha Jacka, Skanless Family, and Skanbino Mob know how to do. We get the privilege to hear Daddy Madd (Napalm) on Fuck’Em All! That’s a factor of what makes this album so great. Fuck’Em All is one bomb ass track!

Mack Tha Jacka is doing the right thing by having all those guest artists on this album.I know having a lot of guests artists on nearly all the tracks for one album usually annoys fans and listeners, but this an album you do not want a chance to miss out on or skip similar to the Lil Cease – The Wonderful World of Cease album from 1999! This whole entire album had the right perfect sound. Mack Tha Jacka – The True Story is the right way of having so many guest artists features, appearances, and contributions.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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