Review: Main Source – Breaking Atoms

Breaking Atoms was a jazz rap classic masterpiece of an album. Main Source grouped together and made this awesome album called Breaking Atoms that was in 1991. This album is where Jazz meets Hip Hop/Rap. Both Jazz rap and Jazz hop are stylistically incorporated on this album as Breaking Atoms was recorded during the golden age of hip hop. Its heavy original use of sampling and production made the album an instant classic underground. The album was high favored by music critics as being deemed as a classic album in hip hop. Breaking Atoms is both Canadian Hip Hop and Canadian Rap at its finest.

Main Source was a Hip Hop/Rap group from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and New York City, New York, US. Main Source was just like Dream Warriors for example. Dream Warriors was another Canadian Hip Hop/Rap group similar to Main Source. Think Canadian-American Hip Hop/Rap when listing to this album.

Looking at the Front Door was hit single that received minor success with radio play across the United States and Canada. The song hit #48 on the Billboard Charts. Main Source was smart for using a funk sample accompany a jazz instrumental. Funk and jazz blend in well with each other. We can that they had fun with this track because it gets funky right away!

Watch Roger Do His Thing was another moderate success that received airplay on the radio and was played on television. Watch Roger Do His Thing has a funky jazz sound that meets hip hop. Large Pro produced this cut.

This is the best Jazz rap album ever! This is a must have album for ALL Hip Hop heads and Rap junkies! As well as you vinyl junkies out there.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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