Review: Lez Moné – Talkin’ Sh*t

Lez Moné tells us how she runs her own and handles her business on Take Care Ya Bizness. The whole track is about how the pimpstress takes care of business every day. Lez Moné tells us to take care of our own business and mind our own business on Take Care Ya Bizness. This track strictly aimed at the nosy people up in everyones business. Take Care Ya Bizness proved to be a hit in the Houston music scene for Lez Moné. The beats and lyrics were so dope! Funky G shit straight from H-Town.

I Flows On is a Lez Moné posse cut involving herself and other including the smooth Harvey Love, rapper 2-Fancy, 350, and 88 Fingers. The smooth Harvey Love stands out the most on this Lez Moné posse cut. And so does 350 and rapper 2-Fancy.

Lez Moné is straight talking shit on the phat title track Talkin’ Sht. Lez Moné lets it be known she likes it rough. She is busting at the hood rats. She takes us on a nice and slow Gulf Coast journey on Talkin’ Sht. The beats and lyrics were so dope. Talkin’ Sh*t is more West Coast sounding and oriented than fans of both southern rap and Houston rap would think. Funky G shit straight from H-Town.

Lez Moné has a good voice with an incredible flow on Sprung. Sprung is influenced by that West Coast sound. Most of Sprung is about that baby mama drama. The beats were so dope.

Lez Moné takes a pro-black stance on Too Black Too Strong. She experiments with political rap by using a fusion of gangsta rap to the mix. Too Black Too Strong is the political rap cut of the album. Yes, Too Black Too Strong has samples from Footsteps in the Dark by The Isley Brothers. Dig the Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day sample out too!

The beats are simply bangin’ on 3 Hidden Chambas. Also dig the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sample from Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sample was dope. Harvey Love and J Reale were all over the 3 Hidden Chambas track.

The remix for Take Care Ya Bizness is a Houston style Jackin’ 4 Beats. Samples used on Take Care Ya Bizness (Remix) are as follows, Atomic Dog by George Clinton, Bop Gun (Endangered Species) by Parliament, More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp, Freedom by Zapp, Flash Light by Parliament, Sing a Simple Song by Sly & the Family Stone, Trans-Europe Express by Kraftwerk, and It’s Yours by T La Rock.

The stellar production was mixed by Richard Johnson, Grizz, and legendary Houston producer Crazy C. Corey “Funky Fingaz” Stoot performs on tracks 1 to 4. Production by and from Grizz and legendary Houston producer Crazy C stand out the most as their production styles and technique are most memorable. Crazy C production truly stands out. Most of the production has a West Coast sound.

Since Lez Moné – Talkin’ Sht was released in 1994 by Beatbox Records, the album got lost in the market with other albums. Lez Moné – Talkin’ Sht is one the many forgotten rap albums from the G-Funk era that unfortunately got very overlooked. Talkin’ Sht has everything you would want or expect from a gangsta rap album. From tight beats, urban ghetto sound, whiney eerie sines, uncouth temper, to raw uncut uncouth lyrics, and dope samples. There are no throwaway songs. West Coast rap meets southern rap on Talkin’ Sht.

Artists that stood out on this album were Harvey Love, 2-Fancy, 350, 88 Fingers, J Reale, and 380. J Reale from B 4 Reel and Harvey Love from Woss Ness were all over the Lez Moné album. Harvey Love took over mostly. J Reale handled the spoken word portions.

Lez Moné was very similar to the raw uncut raunchiness of The Conscious Daughters, Lady of Rage, MC Lyte, Bloody Mary, Yo Yo, Lil Mo, and so on. If you love The Conscious Daughters, Lady of Rage, or Yo Yo, then you will love this album! Lez Moné was from the second wave of Houston rap. She was one of the first female rappers from Houston next to Choice, Cl’Che, 380, and others. Lez Mone is a really good rapper!

When being a gangsta rapper did not work out or pan out the way she wanted, Lez Moné went on to become a top realtor of Houston. Today Leslie Hall is one of Houston’s top realtors thus earning the moniker “Houston Top Realtor”.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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