Review: Danny Boy – It’s About Time

Danny Boy – It’s About Time is one of those perfect albums for when you and/or your lover is a romantic mood. Danny Boy is known for his soulful romantic mood ballads as that is what he was primarily known for back in the 90s. The Jodeci styled production sound can be heard all over this album which is no surprise because DeVante Swing produced 3 songs on this album. The mood for this album is relaxing.

Death Row Records and Suge Knight really dropped the ball on promoting South Carolina artist Danny Boy properly. Better promotion was needed for this album to prosper. It was due to Suge Knight’s crack addiction, sheer stupidity, changes in musical styles, and his piss poor marketing skills. The album was constantly pushed back and remained unreleased for 15 years until 2010 when WIDEAwake acquired the album rights from the Death Row Records company for a high bid from a 2008 auction when the company’s assets were being sold to various record companies such as Koch Records, Interscope, and E1.

If Death Row had released this album in 1998 when it would have gained more popularity and recognition, then it wouldn’t sound as old.We need his voice in R&B/Soul today because most R&B/Soul sucks today. The New Jack Swing era was long over at the time this album was released. Sadly the album did not meet up with the success of other Death Row albums during their heyday and popularity. Dr. Dre should have been a producer on this album.

The album features pre-recorded songs from the 1990s with contributed production from DJ Quik, DeVante Swing, and Dimitrius Shipp. Songs from this Danny Boy album were recorded from 1994-1999. Jodeci member DeVante Swing produced songs such as If U Don’t Mind, It’s All About You, and Just Ride. DJ Quik produced the Come When I Call (Remix) with George Archie.

It’s Over Now was a smooth R&B solo hit for Danny Boy back in the 90s. It instantly won him over many fans on an international scale across the globe. It was included on this album, the Gridlock’d soundtrack, and It’s Over Now. Babyface had also co-wrote this song.

The song is about a smooth man comforting a female. This is song is so comforting towards females whom had been done wrong in some many ways and a guy is there for them. He motivates them to move on from whatever the situation is at hand. Three words to describe this song are comforting, smoothing, and motivating.

Come When I Call is an original Danny Boy song with a Michael Henderson. Come When I Call samples Michael Henderson – Let Me Love You. Come When I Call was used on the soundtrack for the 1994 movie Murder Was The Case. Come When I Call is a perverted love song about a girl who has sex with all the guys. She is on a date and this guy is trying to get with her. You know he is trying to get in her pants or skirt.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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