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Review: BGOTI – Bad Girlz Of The Industry

The BGOTI – Bad Girlz Of The Industry album from 1996 is a mixture of contemporary soul and New Jack Swing. However this is much slower than your normal typical R&B/soul album as there so many slow jams on the album. BGOTI portrayed this “round the way girl” “gangsta chick” throughout their Death Row album.

BGOTI was Death Row’s attempt to reach the female market in the music industry but Death Row had an R&B/soul roster they didn’t know what to do with. This is underground R&B/soul from the 90s which did not receive the proper promotion truly deserved. Suge Knight dropped the ball on BGOTI by not promoting any of their songs as singles. They could have brought us a full length album by now.

However the blame is not to be placed entirely on Suge. It’s hard to push all the artists signed to your label especially when you have arguably the most sought after artists at the time. Especially when you have so much talent on one label. There was simply not enough time for Death Row Records to promote and market BGOTI. That is how BGOTI got easily lost in the shuffle. That is one of the reasons why this album was never released.

BGOTI stands for Bad Girls Of The Industry which is a female R&B/soul quintet. The members were Oobie, Kozii, Chae, Latonya, and Pinkie. Oobie was the lead Singer of BGOTI. Kozii was the lady with the symmetric length blond bob-cut hairstyle. Chae was the one with the short cut hair. Of course BGOTI was modeled after male R&B quartet Badd Boys of the Industry (BBOTI).

BGOTI was shortly signed to Death Row Records for less than 2 years before splitting. BGOTI also appeared On Gridlock´d soundtrack And Gang Related soundtrack when they were signed to Death Row Records. They also were featured on songs from the Lady of Rage – Necessary Roughness album. They have two album’s worth of unreleased music recorded for that label.

Tonight It’s On was featured on the Gridlock´d soundtrack. This put BGOTI in the spotlight for a little while. The song is sexy but not ‘sexual’ in nature. Tonight It’s On was fairly innocent as not many sexual references were used everywhere.

BGOTI’s gonna make it right because it’s on tonight. You know it’s all in BGOTI They will certainly satisfy that curiosity you have. Whatever you want or need is all in BGOTI because it feels so good to them. They want you to freak them. Just turn down the lights.

There ain’t nothing you can do when their love is hooked. There is no doubt that BGOTI has got the one thing you know you can’t resist. The lyrics to Verse 2 imply actions of sexual intercourse. However the lyrics are not explicit or too direct in nature.

There ain’t nothing you can do
When my love is hooked you once again
We reminisce about the way we used to
Slidin’ in, slippin’ out
Hearin’ voices when they shout
Got the one thing, no doubt
Show you what it’s all about

I Belong To You is a mid tempo love song played at a mid tempo pace. The song uses a 50s doo-wop sound. A piano is used throughout the song. Instruments used in this song are guitars, a piano, and a drum kit. Doo-wop meets contemporary soul and modern R&B on I Belong To You. The song uses the same pace and tempo as I Wanna Be Down by Brandy.

Give Me Your Lov-N is and was their standout signature slow tempo jam of their debut album which will have you constantly replaying the song. This is one of those songs which you will play over and over again as this song brings out pleasure, joy, fantasy, and ecstasy. This lovely sultry slow jam has deep bass chords, eerie synths, and sine waves. Their harmonies are beautiful on Give Me Your Lov-N. Those ladies really gave it their all on their vocals.

Trick On Da Side is about men who sleep with other women on the down low in private. You know. Men who have a side chick. You can easily tell BGOTI has this “round the way girl” “gangsta chick” not only throughout their Death Row album but on this song especially. Similar to Bell Biv & Devoe or New Edition.

I Had To Let Him Go is about letting that unfaithful man go because he couldn’t make things right. He blew his chance to make things right. The love was never meant to last. So you had to let him go. This song was dedicated tot he ladies who had to let their man go.

What Have You Done? was the gold digger anthem which was featured on the 1997 soundtrack Gang Related. Overall the song is generic old school R&B song.

Got To Get My Groove On 95’ uses an uptempo groove back with deep bass chords, eerie synths, and sine waves. Those eerie synths and sine waves much to be desired. You can definitely feel the groove in this BGOTI.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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