Review: Geno V – Take Me To Tha Homies

Geno V released a Latin music infused rap album on Grapetree Records during its prime years of operation. He worked very hard with Knolly Williams to get this album released. Many people contributed to the recording of this album. Producers, vocalists, percussion ensemble, you name it. Take Me To Tha Homies was an album that was nominated for a Dove Award in 1997. Despite receiving a Dove Award, the album quickly lost the publics focus. The tracks are firme and tight.

In the introduction of Take Me To Tha Homies we are live on a radio station broadcasting airwaves. Now Take Me To Tha Homies turns into an oldies song with a catchy doo-wop chorus. A Latin oldies song. It’s his #1 hit song of all time.

Este Vato copies the percussion ensemble kit of Santana – Oye Como Va. The Latin samba comes complete with the percussion sample. The percussion ensemble is played in a virtuoso manner as the song quickly turns into a Latin dance melody. Geno V uses a twist of linguistics in word from the Spanish language. He uses both English and Spanish languages. (Este Vato is “That Friend” in Spanish.)

Geno V dedicated Madre Mia to his mother. He speaks the entire track in Spanish. An eclectic selection of drums are chosen for the percussion ensemble. The percussion ensemble for Madre Mia is much lighter than Este Vato as Madre Mia is a much darker song. Geno V sheds light on the controversial subject of child abuse. (Madre Mia is my mother in Spanish.)

Chisme quickly turns into an upbeat Latin samba dance melody of happiness. The beats are loco! The entire chorus sings in Spanish as Geno V raps in Spanish. Maracas and bongos are added to spice of Spanish flavor in this song. Such bongos are appropriate to match the upbeat tempo of the percussion as Chisme is a heavy percussion song.

Geno V rambles on about the craziness in his crazy lifestyle on Mi Vida Loca. The timpani drum in the background matches the beat of Michel’le – No More Lies. Mi Vida Loca is an acoustic guitar ridden song driven by an earthly percussion ensemble.

Geno V gets deeply religious on Who’s Got My Back? He raps about how Jesus has back. Jesus has guided Geno V through the rapture where he saw the light. That light was a wake up call because he lived a crazy lifestyle. He had an epiphany.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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