Review: Choppa – Choppa Style

Choppa’s Choppa Style album was very underrated for its day in spite of having a hot buzz single called Choppa Style. Most of these songs are booty shakin’ music perfect for the club. Add the mixture of bounce music with Southern rap and the result is this Choppa album. 2002 was a good year for New Orleans music.

Many non-New Orleanians tend to believe Choppa is referring to firearms and motor vehicles. Choppa is actually referencing how women love his charm and style. That is what the song Choppa Style is about.

The song Choppa Style was already a breakout smash hit and big song in the street of New Orleans, Louisiana and the South before Master P signed Choppa to No Limit Records. The song was originally released in 2002 on his debut album of the same name. The song was #1 for 3 months.

This version of Choppa Style is not the same version as the No Limit version. This is the Take Fo Records version of Choppa Style without Master P.

The song Choppa Style saw a revival in popularity in 2018 when it was chosen by the New Orleans Saints football team to become the anthem for the team. This song was played for the team made at the Super Bowl during a Super Bowl run before losing in the NFC Championship. The city of New Orleans adopted this song as well.

Now he don’t mean to sound rude or intentionally hurt anyone. Choppa wants an independent woman working. He wants a slim, fine woman with some twerk with her. He wants a big fine woman with some pop in her. And all my independent women, ya heard me?

You’re the One was a rap love song that was produced by DJ Jubilee. The subject matter was similar to One Mo’ Chance and Love Me Like You Did.

That Bounce S**T serves as an ode and tribute to New Orleans bounce music. New Orleans was huge on the bounce music tip at the time this song was released. Heck even Cash Money and Mobo Records released bounce music at one point.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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