Review: Three 6 Mafia ‎– When The Smoke Clears (Sixty 6, Sixty 1)

Three 6 Mafia ‎– When The Smoke Clears (Sixty 6, Sixty 1) is acclaimed to be one of the most influential Southern rap albums ever in the history of music. The Smoke Clears (Sixty 6, Sixty 1) contains some of Three 6 Mafia’s most well known tracks, such as “Sippin’ On Some Sizzurp” and “I’m So Hi”.

Three 6 Mafia were ahead of their time when this album was released. Now this was that particular album which bolstered the group’s popularity into mainstream success although they were already having mainstream success as they had 2 top-selling gold albums at this point. When The Smoke Clears (Sixty 6, Sixty 1) was the last album to feature all of the original group’s 6 members. Gangsta Boo and Koopsta Knicca left after the album’s release to pursue solo careers and financial disputes over money.

“Sippin’ on Some Syrup” represents the hardcore partying lifestyle of southern trap-rappers. The eponymous ‘syrup’ refers to a mixture of Codeine/Promethazine prescription cough medicine and soda, which when mixed creates lean, a classic southern concoction and tradition. One accurate example of drug rap from the early 2000s.

In Verse 2, DJ Paul hints that the woman has taken ecstasy and cocaine. These two substances which are known to increase sexual desire. So the woman had ecstasy and cocaine to increase her sexual desire.

She popped her a pill of X, and drank on some orange juice
And just when you thought she was freaking, she done got super loose
Niggas come in by threes and deuces, all in circles like duck-duck-goose
All that want it can bone it, she on that X and that tootie fruit
Forty dollars for just one ounce, Tussionex is how it’s pronounced
Niggas sipping and dipping and tripping, man, I’m ’bout all out

44 Killers is one of the more Satanic songs off the album even though Three 6 Mafia were not making anymore of that Satanic horrorcore devil shit at the time. You can still hear hints of their Satanic horrorcore roots in the song 44 Killers. Especially the fiery lyrics Lord Infamous rehearses. “Soze to L-O-R-D, sippin’ ounces of that lean-ah/Ask me if I worship Satan, I’mma send yo ass ta see him”

Crunchy Black during Verse 2 is the same thing.

[Verse 2: Crunchy Black]
Triple six is the clique, why y’all niggas keep hatin me
Y’all gone make a nigga posse up and come and getcha bitch
Grab that nigga by his throat, if he hollas, let em go

DJ Paul calls out haters as though Three 6 Mafia was the key that opened doors for the Mid-South on Verse 4. Read the lyrics to verse 4 to get a better understanding.

[Verse 4: DJ Paul]
Now tell me how you boys talk wit all that shit in yo mouth
And how the hell you down ta key that open doors for tha Mid-South?
I put half of you haters on, make half of you haters groan
Left half of you haters alone
And watched you die all on your own and feel for ya

I rate this album 4/5****.

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