Review: DJ Self – Hit Of Acid E.P.

Looking for some hardcore breakbeats and hard house to dance to? Well DJ Self – Hit Of Acid E.P. is the release for you. This EP has everything from hardcore breakbeats to acid house to hard house all the way to dance. You can expect to hear the most funky electronic synths and dance beats this EP has to offer. DJ Self – Hit Of Acid E.P. is and under-appreciated Dallas hard house record. DJ Self – Hit Of Acid E.P. is one of the lesser known releases from the R2M/Phusion Records label.

The Temple is an uptempo number with obscenely loud kicks and thin electronic synths with the song playing at an extremely fast pace. Those thin electronic synths sound quite distorted and are underlapped by those obscenely loud kicks and beats.

Feel The Funk uses some of the most funky electronic synths and dance beats in all of Dallas hard house. A handful of loud 303 beats and 808 beats are used throughout the entirety of this song. You can definitely feel the funk of this song. The occasional clavinet is used also.

XXX uses some basic beats such as a kick drum, snare, and hi-hats. The song goes round and round on a loop basically. There are some obscenely loud kicks too. Handclaps can be heard all over the place.

Dog 4 Life is one of the more unique songs off the EP as this song in particular uses more hip hop oriented samples. For example the beats (cymbals, hi-hats, and kick) from Salt N Pepa – Push It were used. The beats from DJ Snake – Buggin’ Bass were used. A quirky and very interesting looped vocal sample which says “the fuck die” used throughout the middle of the song.

Bad Boy Bass uses a more tribal house based sound as a conga and tambourine are used with the occasional breakbeats. Now that’s not to say the hard house sound is still present. Nevertheless Bad Boy Bass is a badass mix of tribal house and hard house.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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