Review: DJ Jes ‎– High Life EP

DJ Jes ‎– High Life EP is one of the dopest upbeat hard house EP ever! This hard house EP is laced with technological sounds that are too far ahead of this time. Techno synths over dance beats are what you can expect to hear on this release. DJ Jes leans toward the hard house sound on this EP. High Life was way too far ahead of its time when it was released. Almost nothing can hold a candle to this house release at all. Each song is worth listening to and not worth skipping at all.

Tribal house meets hard house and techno on the song Furiously Pumpin. This song uses an incorporation of tribal house beats and dance beats. Just listen to the cymbal kit.

Good Urb uses an intoxicating atomic sound that is seriously good to get high to. The song title says it all of course unsurprisingly. Perfect for an acid trip.

Lethal Injection is fill with that hard house sound with an over-looped vocal sample and intoxicating dance beats. Techno synths over dance beats are what you can expect to hear. You can feel the rush and the buildups as this song progresses.

Speed Ball is an upbeat hard house song laced with techno synths and dance beats. The synths are warped and will make you feel wiggly. The snaps, claps, and kick drum are what make this DJ Jes song infectious and compelling to listen to.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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