Review: Kool Whip The King Pin – The King Pin

Kool Whip The King Pin – The King Pin is a forgotten rap album from Austin, Texas that got lost in the rise of dirty Southern rap. Despite not getting a lot of promotion, the album was a hit in Austin, Texas. You’ve got a blended mixture of Latin rap and Southern rap in one album. And you have the obligatory chopped and screwed tracks since this is a Texas rap album. This is classic ATX rap! This is real underground rap.

Picture My Pain was released right around those racer driving movies such as Fast & Furious and Tokyo Drift were being played in movie theaters. In fact the song Picture My Pain was used in the 2011 movie Death Race 2. If released today, the song would still be successful.

The song uses a wonderful beat over a futuristic electronic soundscape that instrumental. Those synths are what really stand out. You know when those synths hit your speakers that this is automatically going to be a good song. You’ll feel like a badass when you hear this song. It’s one of those types of songs. This song is perfect to benchpress or lift weights to.

You can hear the aggression and hostility in his vocals and lyrics. Those lyrics of his are very hostile and versatile. He makes the listener(s) feel his pain. That is why he wants you to picture his pain.

Kool Whip represents the South and Austin, Texas in the song We Out Dat South. The song uses that versatile dirty Southern rap sound. You can hear the aggression in Kool Whip’s vocals. One can see why this song was a success.

We Out Dat South was a regional hit in Austin which got constant play on radio stations across Texas. The song was #2 on the Texas Artist Top 40 Countdown in 2002. We Out Dat South was a huge hit for Kool Whip in 2002 and 2003. There was even a music video that was recorded on local cable television. The music video was even aired on UniVision TV a few times. Kool Whip was one of hottest white rappers in the Dirty South at the time.

The Beat Mekaniks were the producers responsible for producing the song. Beat Mekaniks had produced the beats.

Dormido is a Spanish rap song that definitely goes hard in the paint. Fans of Spanish rap will enjoy this song.

Y’all Dont Know Us is a favorite amongst Kool Whip fans and ATX rap fans. The song was #22 on the Texas Artist Top 40 Countdown before quickly falling off.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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