Review: Candy Fresh – We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money)

We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money) EP by Candy Fresh. was released on Two Sweet Records from Austin, Texas in 1990. Stanley K. Cobble was known as Baby Luke. He was the promoter for 2 Live Crew, Luke Records, Lil Troy, Candy Fresh, and SK back in the day. That is why Baby Luke has ties with the media/entertainment in Miami. And that is why this EP has that Miami bass sound.

Two Sweet Records was run by Baby Luke as a side project for promotional purposes. The artists that were signed to Two Sweet Records were Baby Luke, Candy Fresh, Wink-D, Lil Troy, Lil Buzzy, and SK.

Candy’s Groove is an instrumental track sampling James Brown Getup Offa That Thang & The Big Payback. The track is only 3 minutes long though. [Candy’s Groove is actually the instrumental for Revenge (I’m Mad).]

Do The Get Busy is a fast paced upbeat dance electronic rap song. This rocked the parties in Austin back in the 90s. This was often played at house parties. The bass is strong. Get Busy has that Miami bass sound. Probably going at 130 bpm. Get Busy has that Miami bass sound also

Now this ones for the ladies out there! Ladies have wants and needs the same as men do. It’s not always about the men. I’m tired of the same ol’ same ol’. Ladies wanna get paid on We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money). We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money)!

I rate this album EP 5/5*****!!

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