Review: Xinobi – The Best Of Me

Xinobi – The Best Of Me showcases the best of Portuguese house producer Xinobi. Each track is worth listening to and streaming. This here is pure Portuguese talent. Who knew such beautiful house music could come from Portugal? The Best Of Me is a breathtaking electronic house release from the country of Portugal that is way ahead of the current time presently speaking. Funk meets electronic house music on The Best Of Me.

What is different about this Xinobi release is that he decided to go in a different musical direction by incorporating and using funk music in his songs. Groovy, funky, and happy are three words best used to describe this release.

Best Of Me (feat. Josh JAKQ) uses a tremendous touch of funk vibes. The song is similar to 80s funk. The song has a happy summery vibe that will uplift your day and your spirits. Some nice thick bass lines are also used in this song. Groovy, funky, and happy are three words best used to describe this song. His fans called Best Of Me an instant classic when the song was uploaded to Xinobi’s Soundcloud page in 2011.

The song Hawaii uses a huge touch of tribal house with the percussion, beats, and bells over an amazing bass line. Those instruments give this song a tropical sound. A mix of ethereal house pads are used also. Tribal house meets bass music and house on Hawaii. One word to describe this song is amazing. There is no sample used on this song despite what his may believe, say, or think otherwise. Xinobi sampled his girlfriend’s vocals for this song. That is where those vocals came from.

City Of Gold is one of Xinobi’s more deep and darker songs which has a dark mood. The song uses tribal house beats behind some ultra loud thumping bass with a touch of funk. The bass line is what makes this song funky. Xinobi did not sample anything. Here is how he produced the song City of Gold. He mounted everything from different sounds including the beats, synths, pads, chords, and bass. The claps are not sampled. The song generated much noise and favorability on his Soundcloud page in 2011. Comments from his fans all across the globe flooded his page.

Trópico Escuro uses a mixture of disco, house, and funk. This is another one of his darker songs which uses a darker sound and dark mood.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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