Review: MC Overlord – The Black Theory

MC Overlord’s The Black Theory album was released in 2006 by Vallejo’s Vallejo Music Group (VMG) out of Austin, Texas. Production wise, Black Theory is one of his greater works. He seemed to used a handful of in-house producers that were up-to-date on the latest in high-definition quality production. The album was decent thanks to the help of DJ Panda and Drez One of their Goodvibes Recordings which Tee Double was signed to. The songs are classics which pay homage to hip hop. The classics which pay homage to hip hop are Tha Real Deal, Mic Check, Fall In, Remember, My Homey, Mamma Said, and I Thought You Knew.

DJ Crash, Ter’ell Shahid, Tee Double, DJ Panda, and Drez One lend a hand in production. Featured artists were Bavu Blakes, Ter’ell Shahid, Tee Double, DJ Panda, Drez One, Tony Harrison, and Joy Davis. Tee Double and Bavu Blakes are make most of the guest spots on the album.

The standout tracks were Tha Real Deal, Mic Check, Fall In, Remember, My Homey, Mamma Said, I Thought You Knew, Where I’m At, and Let ’em Out.

First off the intro was dope! The intro uses a hodgepodge of vocals samples over several track effects. Now the intro gets very deep and intellectual while explaining the definition behind the word ‘theory’.

I Thought You Knew is a song about the day to day realities people face such having to work three jobs and still be in poverty. MC Overlord delivers a powerful message at the end which tells to face life instead of live in a fantasy world. “Life is too short/Don’t be scared to face it” Austin rappers Tee Double and Bavu Blakes have a guest spot on the song.

My Homey was the underground buzz single which featured Austin soul brother Ter’ell Shahid. The song is a fusion of funk, rap, and soul.

Mic Check uses a tempo of 86 BPM over 3B Camelot and is played in D♭ Major. There is a touch of liveness used in this freestyle song yet there is a lack of acoustics. The song is great regardless.

Remember pays homage to classic hip hop with the 808 beats, low bass, vinyl scratches, and dope lyrics. Austin soul brother Ter’ell Shahid spits a verse on the song towards the end. This song was for the club people hence the fast upbeat pace.

Mamma Said is revisits the songs Always and The Call from his 2001 album All Good Things. That song picks up where both of those songs left off. You know the sayings “Mama said there would be days like this.” and Mama knows best.”? That is what the song Mamma Said is about.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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