Review: Various Artists – No Tomorrow Soundtrack

The No Tomorrow Soundtrack from No Limit Records is one of the darker movie soundtracks from 1999 which uses a combination of explicit gangsta rap songs and dark industrial music. The No Tomorrow Soundtrack is half hip hop /rap and half electronic. No Tomorrow was one of No Limit’s darker soundtracks which leaned toward the dark brooding side in terms of themes, sound, and vibe. The No Tomorrow Soundtrack is a stark contrast of the usual soundtracks from No Limit Records soundtracks which incorporate just R&B/soul, funk, and hip hop/rap.

The soundtrack for the No Tomorrow movie had songs from Master P, Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder, TRU, LCD, and more. But of the songs were performed by Silkk The Shocker and C-Murder. There are some decent cuts on the soundtrack.

The No Tomorrow Soundtrack was a soundtrack from No Limit Records that was supposed to be released and was supposed to follow the No Tomorrow movie back in 1999. However the album was never released because Master P believed the album would not sell. He based this business decision due to the fact that the 1999 compilation album No Limit All Stars – Who U Wit? had low lackluster sales. So he ended up shelving the album. Marketing issues and business decisions are the reasons why the No Tomorrow Soundtrack was never released.

An advertisement for the No Tomorrow Soundtrack was first advertised in the 1999 compilation album No Limit All Stars – Who U Wit? and the album Fiend – Street Life. This soundtrack album was advertised in several albums released by No Limit Records in 1999 and 2000.

LCD – Elektronik is a piece of crunched up electronic music composed of crushed distorted synths over an energetic soundscape. The beats are extremely loud due to the volume settings. Goa trance meets techno and electronic on the song LCD – Elektronik. The synths are what make this song totally badass!

The vocal samples are what make this song catchy and get very annoying quickly. The annoying “Ho” and “Hey” are the excessive repeated vocal samples which can be heard throughout the song.

The Electric Hellfire Club – Prince Of Darkness (Black Version) is a piece of excellent dark old school industrial music from the 1990s. The bass and synths are what made this song totally badass. Prince Of Darkness (Black Version) is certainly one of the darker songs on this soundtrack.

Electric Hellfire Club educates us with this song by telling us the price of damnation is always high. Sometimes it means someone has to die in order to gain the favor of our lord and master. And it means someone has to die in order to walk the line between success and disaster. The price of damnation is always high. That is what the lyrics “The price of damnation is always high…/Sometimes it means someone has to die” mean.

C-Murder boasts and brags about how his life is constantly in danger on his song Constantly ‘N Danger. The synths, bass line, and beats are really stands out about this particular song. Part of which make a classic N.O. song. The song was used during the opening credits around the car siege with Gary Busey and Master P.

The sick ass opening begins with some thin but memorable electronic keyboard piano synths. Lyrics to the sick ass opening are “Constantly in danger to crime/I ain’t no stranger test me/Damn sho I’m gonna bang ya”

Trouble always seems to find C-Murder. He can’t stay away from this shit. He is no stranger to danger and crime. C-Murder hangs with a hard ass crew called TRU. The motherfucking feds want to plot. They really think a nigga open up shop. He faces animosity as he’s got them haters plotting and has got feds watching him everywhere he goes. That is specifically why he keeps a close eye on a stranger. C-Murder makes millions off of words. The world is his because he’s in it. He is constantly in danger.

C-Murder gets creative with his lyrics by adding “zac” and “za” to the last word of each line in his lyrics to Verse 2.

With that nigga that got TRU on his bizzack
Forget that, you so legit black, we hard to get at so get back
Cause it’s a fizzact that we gonna shizzat

I rate this album 4/5****!

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