Review: Icy Blu ‎– Pump It (Nice An’ Hard)

Icy Blu ‎– Pump It (Nice An’ Hard) is a lost classic from 90s pop rap. The single included the funky pop rap songs Pump It (Nice ‘An Hard) and My Guitar’s Funky

Not too many people remember funky female rapper Icy Blu who was the first white female rapper, along with Tairrie B, to have an album released. The single is perfect for the family-friendly crowd as there is little to no profanity present. Icy Blu (Laurel Yurchick) was the female Vanilla Ice from Connecticut and Austin, Texas.

Pump It (Nice An’ Hard) was an upbeat pop rap song everybody was dancing to it in the early 1990’s. The song Pump It (Nice An’ Hard) had a music video to accompany the single. Some may remember the music video mimicked MC Hammer’s dance moves and Salt n Pepa’s vocal style with all the iridescent flashy lighting colors in the background. It was of the songs that rotated frequently on The Box.

Some might remember the song by these catchy lyrics, “Pump it, nice and hard. Pump it, nice and hard.” Dance meets pop rap on Pump It (Nice An’ Hard).

This is one of those songs that has a Salt n Pepa connection which is not coincidental as the song samples Salt N Pepa – Push It. The beats sample the classic Salt N Pepa – Push It. Sampling is what made this song of hers stand out.

The song is perfect for the family-friendly crowd as there is little to no profanity present. The song is about dancing The classic beats are refreshing. Many music critics such as the Austin American-Statesman and BillBoard referred to Pump It (Nice An’ Hard) as a soft rap song due to her being a commercial pop rap outfit.

Pump It (Nice ‘An Hard) peaked at #78 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States just as a song alone. The single for Pump It (Nice ‘An Hard) reached gold status in the countries of New Zealand and Australia. The song charted at # 8 in Australia and at #4 in New Zealand. Her music was really popular in New Zealand and Australia for some reason.

My Guitar’s Funky is a pop rap song with instrumental backing of a funky guitar. The whole song is about how her guitar is so funky. She raps and brags about how exactly funky her guitar actually is. It’s rare to hear a rapper brag about how funky their guitar is. That is what so unique about this rap song.

Icy Blu wrote the song by herself and Tyrone Fleming produced and engineered it.

My Guitar’s Funky was included on the One Word Records version (OWR-51336) of the Pump It (Nice An’ Hard) 12” vinyl single. My Guitar’s Funky was not included on the Giant Records version of the 12” vinyl single.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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