Review: Tommy Wright III – Memphis Massacre

Tommy Wright III – Memphis Massacre is an example of early Memphis rap and crunk music. The production and style are similar to Gangsta Pat, DJ Zirk, and DJ Squeeky. He was quite similar to those contemporaries of the early 90s. Songs on this album include the street savvy Street Type Nigga, the nihilistic Out Of Darkness, the bloody Memphis Massacre, and grotesque Shoot To Kill. The album is quite dark for an album that was released in 1992.

Street Type Nigga represents how Tommy Wright III is a street savvy nigga who is educated in this life of crime. Although his street credentials are nothing to boast and brag about or be proud of, Tommy has no trouble of making his criminal escapades public knowledge.

Tommy Wright III is a street type of nigga (street type nigga). You know, the kind with that long Jheri Curl. He is a player to his heart because he can’t just stick to one lady. Tommy has to sell drugs because he unemployed. There is a lack of employment and job opportunities in Memphis, Tennessee. Hardly any jobs are available. Trouble is just something that is unavoidable.

He never leaves his house without packing a gun. He rolls in style as he drives a Fleetwood Cadillac with dark tinted windows so he can’t be seen. His pants are sagging so his underwear can show. His hair is braided in a Jheri Curl style. A beeper is on his waist so he can have easy access to his contacts. Despite the fact that he gets a lot of money, he dresses as if he were broke. He hangs out at the corner of her block where the liquor store is located. He enjoys spending most of his time selling dope. Fucking bitches like junkies is something else he constantly does.

Tommy Wright III is a mean motherfucker from the street. He hustles on all the street corners. Cutting with women and dope. A cool ass nigga like him taking no shit from them bitches. Doing 211s (robberies) are not his style. He slangs and sells cocaine and make it worth while. Tommy Wright III is known to sell amphetamines and slang crack rock. When you see him on the street, you see him with a pack. He is sky high smokin’ on that reefer. Impervious to pain is what he is. If your ass gets out of line, you’ll get that ass gatted, trick. So many niggas dead it’s a motherfucking shame. Crazy ass dope man. Street type nigga.

Shoot To Kill is a grotesque murderous track filled with violence. The song is about killing people as evidenced from the title.

Tommy Wright III is the last of MC´s because the others all left. He is never looses a battle because he fights until the last breath. He creeps with a gun. So don’t talk crap. He’ll shoot a motherfucker in less than a minute. He never runs when it’s time to spray. His rhyming scheme is quite clever and street savvy. Read these lyrics, “As I blast like a rocket/Keeping clips in my back pocket”

So put on your black mask and gloves before you ride. ’Cause it’s gonna be hell if you can be identified. Dead bodies are hauled off to were suckers get broke and can’t cope.

Tommy is like a warrior who fights like a barbarian with strength like the incredible Hulk. An uzi and a tech 9 are what he is carrying. Those are the firearms in his possession. He is launching MC´s like a catapult with strength like the incredible Hulk. Leaving niggas dead without a box. He cut off their heads, freezes them, and hangs them up on the wall to show that he wants to brawl and nail them so they won’t fall. He is just like a hitman. Tommy for hire.

He hate to see blood but I love to see bloodshed. He’s violent as hell when it comes to this type of shit. Quite questionable if you ask me. Tommy is a gangster, pimp and player. Just beware. Because he doesn’t care about your welfare or well-being. You niggas know the deal. Tommy Wright the 3rd Shoots To Kill.

H is for homicide and A is attack. So get the fuck back. Run in the house and look out the crack of the window. When he is shooting he wants somebody to die. Wasting bullets is when/while everyone is still alive something he hates doing. Tommy was brought up to beat tricks up making them wish they was locked up. That’s what they get for tryna buck with a nigga from Memphis.

The only job he has is keeping the cemetery full. His clothes are red from the blood of all his victims he killed. Compared to his speed, your punch is slow as his last. Don’t ever try to battle him because he fights dirty. Tommy keeps robbing niggas because he’s broke. There are so many holes in a nigga you think he had polka dots. If you really want mercy get on your knees and kneel to pray. No use in begging because Tommy gets loose without sympathy. Sending tricks to the med with a broke leg or two.

If he ain’t got my pistol, he’ll bust your head with a bottle of brew. One of his niggas will bust your face up with axes. It is guarantied you will need an autopsy after the massacre, mayhem, and murder when he is through. Going round for round in combat mode. There is no escape when he begins slay and spray. He is on that other level. He is gunning in the mist of this combat. Comin´ from the streets of hell. Teaching a lesson with a blessing from this Smith and Wesson. Leaving the scene of the crime like he ain’t did shit.

He is direct with his lyricism. “And when I shoots to kill you know I’m shooting directly at anyone/
I’m chewing motherfuckers like annihilators/And when I fight I’m throwing nothing but haymakers”

The nihilistic Out Of Darkness is explains one of Tommy’s jewelry stealing escapades as he plays the role of a jewel thief in the night. Tommy is going out tonight with a plan to rob the jewelry store. He is armed with handguns.

Tonight is a hit. Instead of going out, getting his hair done, and smoking “bones” (cannabis joints), Tommy plans on robbing a jewelry store. Tommy climbed onto the roof of the jewelry store. He stomps around on top the roof to create a hole in the ceiling. He then kicks in the ceiling and enters the store. Tommy disabled the security system by cutting off the camera. And he is certain nobody will call the police on a man armed with loaded handguns.

However his plans to rob the jewelry store go interrupted when he hears a siren. Memphis Police Department arrive at the jewelry store. He proceeds to escape by climbing out of the nearest window. Police follow Tommy on foot which leads to a foot chase.

Police let the German Shepard go. Tommy shoots the German Shepard dead between the eyes unexpectedly. He starts gunning afterwards. Police follow him.

Tommy Wright has a short conversation on his cellular phone with his friends asking for assistance. He tells them to be on the scene with backup when he arrives to his destination. He disposes his burner (gun). This is what he said on his cellular phone, “Listen up closely, I don’t have much time. I got a gang of police on me and I’m coming down Shelby Drive” He knows to do from past street experiences.

Tommy continues to escape from the Memphis Police Department on foot. Tommy Wright continues to run down Shelby Drive.

However the foot chase soon comes to a halt as nothing but blue lights, flashlights, and spotlights surrounded Tommy and his cohorts like an animal. Gunshots were exchanged. Then he caught a .38 special in the rib cage. He then dies.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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