Hot Boyz 2. A No Limit Films movie that never was.

Hot Boyz 2. A No Limit Films movie that never was.

Not too many people, including No Limit fans, know this but there was supposed to be a sequel to the 1999 movie Hot Boyz called Hot Boyz 2 that was supposed to be released in 2017.

There was a script was written for the Hot Boyz 2 movie which was already completed. The plot of the movie was supposed to revolve around Master P’s character Moe and Silkk The Shocker’s character Kool. Moe (Master P) was supposed to get out of jail and go after Kool (Silkk The Shocker) for killing his brother in the original Hot Boyz movie. Mo was seeking out to get his revenge on Kool for killing his brother.

The Hot Boyz 2 movie also had a lot of the characters from the original Hot Boyz movie such as Officer Roberts (C. Thomas Howell), Tyrel (Mystikal), Joseph (Andrew McFarlane), Tia (Leila Arcieri), Eddy (Anthony Boswell), and Officer Mike (J. Damian Anastasio).

Clifton Powell was one of the main bad guys as how he was usually casted in movies. Especially No Limit Films movies. Clifton Powell was one of the main bad guys in those No Limit Films movies during the 1990s and 2000s.

A news article posted by HipHopDX on the date of March 31, 2012 at 1:41 PM confirmed that Silkk The Shocker was the director for the Hot Boyz 2 movie. He was the aspiring director who was currently constructing a script for Hot Boyz 2. The script had not been completed at the time HipHopDX posted the news about the Hot Boyz 2 movie.

Silkk The Shocker even mentioned Hot Boyz 2 in a 2015 interview with Global Grind. Silkk The Shocker was back in the business like he never left with the new movie.

However Hot Boyz 2 was never released. Here are some of the reasons why the Hot Boyz 2 movie was never released at all.

One of the reasons why Hot Boyz 2 was never released was because Silkk The Shocker was busy directing other movies such as the movie More Money, More Family and the documentary examining the alleged railroading of his big brother C-Murder, Conviction By Name.

Another of the reasons why Hot Boyz 2 was never released was because Master P had went off to pursue other business endeavors and was venturing off into other interests he had in mind such as designing his own clothing line and developing his own brands of snack food.

This is one of those movies people want but can’t find. It sucks and is very shameful that we never got see a release of Hot Boyz 2. Hot Boyz 2 was definitely supposed to be one of those good hood movies to enjoy. No Limit Films has been dropping some good hood movies over the course of several years. Hot Boyz 2 was said to have been better than some of Master P’s other No Limit movies.


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