Review: Kaskade – The Calm

The Calm is one of Kaskade’s lesser known albums. The album was distributed independently with very limited pressing by Quiet City Recordings in 2006. This Kaskade album has a more downtempo ambient sound which is quite calming. Now the deep house sound and vibe are still there though. One has to wonder how in the blue hell this album has not been released digitally yet.

Now some of these songs do not have any lyrics to them because they are instrumentals. The songs that are instrumentals are McCammon and Remembering Rufus. Finn Bjarnson played the guitars on these instrumental songs and some of the programming.

Soft Upon The Lips is about unconditional love. Unconditional love is being with the one you love forever. You cannot image such a thing until you met that person. Contrite and unconditional are two words to describe Soft Upon The Lips. The song is short and sweet.

The song Nobody Else is a representation of loneliness with the song about being by yourself on a lonely night. Tonight there is nobody else around. You are with yourself. It’s one of those lonely nights. Nobody Else is a downtempo deep house song.

Stay, This tells a tale about how Kaskade has found an idealistic woman who he can’t date because both of them are a far distance from each other. Distance is what’s preventing them from being together and keeping them from seeing each other. Kaskade is far away from her.

Surrender is an uplifting song about aiming through hard times and chasing emptiness away.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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