Review: Kaskade – Keep On

Keep On is one of the earlier singles in Kaskade’s discography that often gets overlooked by many fans of electronic house music. The dub house legend wrote and produced the entire single himself. The timeless classic Keep On and beat driven dub house song Strong are included on this single/EP. Kaskade gave house music a breath of freshness with his deep house sound. Keep On is the most overlooked electronic single from 2002.

Keep On was written and produced by Kaskade in 2002. Instrumentation for the track includes filtered heavy bass, Afrocentric beats, and futuristic sounding synths. The beautiful vocals you hear were performed by a female vocalist who went by the name of Joslyn. Now this song will become an instant favorite of yours because of the beautiful vocals, filtered heavy bass, and Afrocentric beats along with deep house sound Kaskade produces. Keep On uses a tempo of 128 BPM and is played in D Minor.

Strong is the beat driven dub house song that has that deep house sound. Kaskade is not only deep house. He was dub house in his early days. He uses a huge selection of Afrocentric drums such as bongos, congas, and timbales. Now this track is less vocal than Keep On. All these years later and the song never fails to disappoint. Strong uses a tempo of 130 BPM and is one the faster songs.

Keep On (Dub) is a dub house version of the song Keep On. The dub version has a heavier kick drum presence as the kick drum is much louder. Vocals in this version are stripped back and do not use the lyrics from the original version. Here the looped vocal samples are what make the dub seductive, intoxicating, and repetitive in one musical setting.

I rate this single/EP 5/5*****!

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