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Review: Def IV ‎– Get Busy

Def IV ‎– Get Busy is one of Rap-A-Lot’s lesser known hip hop singles from the 1980s that has been lost and forgotten with time. This single has that East Coast hip hop sound from the late 80s. Def IV ‎– Get Busy was released on 12″ vinyl in 1988 as RAP-52-1.

Get Busy uses a layered, sophisticated sampling style over constant scratches. It’s a hardcore lyrical rap song by the Def IV. Def IV brings the hardcore funk. This is dope stuff. Get Busy was done completely on an SP-1200 by Wiz.

The beginning of the song turns into a PSA announcement. “The Def IV would like the people of the world to know that we oppose the use of drugs. We totally advocate dancing, having fun, and enjoying life.” After the PSA is when constant scratches and rapping being. The funk begins.

Our Own Style is a dope hip hop song with def rap lyrics which uses a layered, sophisticated sampling style over constant scratches. Our Own Style samples C.J. & Co – We Got Our Own Thing. The song Our Own Style is a ‘We don’t need no help from you’ type of song.

Now Walk On is exclusive to this 12” single and was not included on their Nice And Hard album. Which is a shame but this often happens as record companies put songs on singles that aren’t included on the album as a promotion tactic when promoting the album before it gets released.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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