Review: Moby – Play: The B Sides

Now most B sides albums are shitty and filled with filler music. However that’s not the case with Moby – Play: The B Sides. Moby – Play: The B Sides is an album you will not want to miss picking up or listening to. Each track is worth listening to. Fans of electronic music and techno music will not want to miss out on buying this album! Each track has that electronic music flavor. Techno beats over electronic music. Loud hi-hats over snare drums.

Play: The B Sides is a collection of songs that wasn’t quite appropriate for the Play album that was released in 1999. It was due to the success of the Play album that the people at Mute/V2 encouraged Moby to compile these B sides into a companion album to Play. Some of these songs are unreleased songs. Many of the songs on this B sides album have more polished sound at a faster bitrate. Most of this album is stripped down to pure beautiful instrumental music.

Memory Gospel had a downtempo gospel feel similar to what you would hear in Christian music or gospel music. There is energy in the fame vocals for this gospel song. The vocal energy is met with a barrage of lush strings.

Flying Foxes can be noted for its accompaniment of lush strings. And of course the dreamy ambient sound Moby is internationally known for. Running picks up the tempo with its upbeat rhythms. Running is an upbeat song. The arrangements are well thought out.

Whispering Wind is an ambient trance track that takes you off into space or into a far away distance. The track is followed by a slow beat. Whispering Wind is similar to Memory Gospel.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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